Tips to Install a Vinyl Fence Yourself

Installing vinyl fences in your backyard can be quite a labor-intensive job, but you can get the job done efficiently with a few techniques and tips. To help you with your project, we will be giving you some tips and steps on how to install vinyl fences easily.

1. The first thing to do is ensure that your property pins are aligned within the city ordinances.

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Remember that each state has different regulations, be sure to ask a person in charge for this as it may involve paying fees.

2. The easiest and most efficient way to lineup your fencing project is to string a line along the entire perimeter you want to dig and place wooden stakes to mark every eight feet or the distance between your fencing products.

3. Depending on your fencing style, you can use your hand or rent a motorized auger. You can only dig a few feet by hand, but with a motorized auger, it is deep enough to have a good foundation for your fences.

4. Before you start digging for your fencing poles, ensure that you have a site wherein you can put all your dirt as you will constantly be digging during this project. Ensure that the dumping site is just around your lot, as you will be using some of that dirt to place back in areas where it was dug. Get a cart for this task.


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