How Can You Repair a Wooden Garage Door

In this video, you will learn the process of repairing a wooden garage door. These are all the important tips that garage door repair companies use. When the garage door is rotted partially or completely, then you need to get it repaired.

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To begin the process, first the garage door is attached to a ratchet strap to keep it in place. If some area of the door is damaged, then you need to take the boards off of it to get that part removed.

You will have to pin back the loosened panels of the door. Then, you will acquire a circular saw to cut the downward edge into a flattened surface. You will then need the panel board with holes on it and attach it to the roller plate. You will need a bolt to attach these two things altogether. After that, you will place your roller back inside the door. Then, you will attach that panel board and wooden piece to the door to get it fixed. These are the same strategies used by the garage door companies.

It will then fit it all nice and fit and all your work will be completed. You just need to make sure to pin it in the right place with the help of a driller so that it stays in their strongly.


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