Replacing Your Garage Door Spring

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This video will show you the tools you need and a step by step guide to garage door spring repair.

First, you need to identify the correct spring based on the weight of your door. The springs are color-coated to make this an easy task.

Check the springs that are already in place. If they aren’t coated, check the spring diameter. You can even disconnect the springs and simply let your garage door come down on a bathroom scale. Easy, right?

Open the garage door completely so that all of the tension is out of the springs. Secure the door in this position. You’re removing the springs, so if you don’t the door can fall closed causing you more problems. You can use vice grips on the track beneath the door to achieve this. Also, unplug the opener.

Now, take the S-hook out of the slotted angle bracket and mark the location for future reference. Remove the spring pulley. Tape the cable to the pully to keep the configuration in place so you don’t forget.

Remove the other end of the spring, and disconnect the safety cable at the front of the mechanism, feeding it through the spring to take it out.

Take the new springs and feed the safety cable through them. Hook the spring to the rear anchor bar, and reattach the S-hook to the slotted angle bracket. Reconnect the pulley and make sure none of the cables are tangled.

Once one side is done, you can move on to the next. For more details on equipment to use, take a look at the video above.

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