Concealed Glass Door Hinges Add Function to Contemporary Glass Cabinets

When it comes to cabinet designs, there is nothing as “standard” because there of the many different options to choose from. Contemporary cabinets now integrate modern design elements like LED lighting, smooth and polished dark finishes into their construction.

As a homeowner who is into décor and stuff, one of the best ways to show off your high-end interiors and the items they contain is to use a transparent aluminum frame glass doors. Their appealing visual interest breaks the monotony of wall-to-wall cabinetry. They also give an impression of a bigger space while creating a nice display space for your items and collectibles.

Concealed Glass Door Hinge

However, traditional functional hardware such narrow aluminum frames can potentially take away the clean aesthetic look of a well-finished cabinetry. That’s why modern design concealed glass door hinges were introduced. They transform how cabinets function and appear providing a concealed-hinge magic to your home-concealed glass door hinge.

Some of the features of Concealed Glass Door Hinge include the following:

  • Smart and sleek material and design
  • Glass overlay
  • Variety of insert options
  • Range of metal finish options
  • Soft-close features for smooth operations
  • Adjustable arm
  • Complete invisible hardware behind transparent cabinetry
  • Easy dismount from the door

Hidden hinges are currently trending in the fixture and furniture industry. They are not only sleek and aesthetically pleasing but also functional and secure in that; designed to open easily and closes softly while providing security, because they can’t be jacked with from the outside.

Concealed glass door hinge offers clean appearance on cabinets, furniture and doors. There are many options when it comes to glass door hinges though some are popular for kitchen and bathroom use, and can be installed on different types of cabinets. Keep in mind though that the aesthetic appeal comes with a price, because there will be cheaper and more expensive options to consider.

Choosing the Right Concealed Glass Door Hinge
The type of hidden hinge you need for depends on the cabinet or furniture design. The European-style concealed hinge is the most popular type for cabinetry hinges. Use full overlay hinge for single cabinets, and if you have two glass doors sharing the same partition, consider half overlay hinge. Inset hinge go well with glass doors that flash within the cabinet panel or frame.

If you are using concealed hinges on your entry and interior doors, your choice will depend on the size and thickness of the door. Another factor is how many hinges you want on your cabinet (furniture). That will be determined by the height, weight and sometimes the width of the door. The good thing about concealed hinges in any type of cabinetry is that it eliminates the need for visible doorframes while adding a self-closing feature to the doors.

Basic Parts of a Concealed Glass Door Hinge
The most distinguishing feature of a concealed hinge is that it’s pin is already mounted on the arm of the hinge, that is different from the usual barrel and leaf types of hinges. Concealed hinges features three key parts:

  • Hinge Cup is the part that’s screwed at the backside of the cabinet door. They come in different sizes and each type will depend on the application.
  • Hinge Arm forms the main part of a hinge. It’s the part where most of the features are mounted. attaches the hinge cup to the mounting plate. Hinge arms is available in different options depending on the application and the type of cabinet door.
  • Mounting plate is the other part of a concealed hinge and it features holes where the hinge arm connects. This part is mounted at the frame of the cabinet. The kind you choose depends on the door weight.

Remember that the hinge arm attaches to the mounting plate on either a clip-on or slide-on mechanism. Clip-on assembly don’t use screws so it allows effortless door mounting and dismounting. Whereas, slide-on attachment type connect the hinge arm and the mounting plate using a fixing screw.

If you are looking to install concealed glass door hinges, the above-mentioned points are essentials to consider helping you with your buying process.

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