DIY Floating Dock

This video is to inform viewers about dock builders and how they can possibly make their own floating dock. Docks come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to transport anything and anyone from the water to land. Docks have been around for a long time because of exporting and importing goods from country to country and eventually just to transport people and bring people from one land to another.

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Now boating is done as a leisure activity but a boat always needs a dock in order to pick people up and drop people off. These docks do not just magically appear, and often need dock builders who can do an effective job.

Dock builders have been around for ages and must have an understanding of wood and how water affects wood in order to make a dock that will not sink. There are docks that rise above the water but it is important for those to be sturdy so they can hold a lot of weight. There are also floating docks, which are more common for leisure boating and should not hold many people at a time so that it does not sink. Watch this video to see how dock builders make a floating dock.


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