How Modern Double Wide Homes Are Different

Mobile homes have come a long way since their invention decades ago. Now, they’re built to look as nice as possible on the inside and outside. They also have to comply with exceptionally strict safety standards that have completely eliminated the fire concerns that people associate with older mobile homes.

In particular, double wide homes look as much like stick-built homes as possible. They still have a bit of the traditional mobile home shape, but with more space to work with, designers have been able to add depth to these homes.

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Some of them come with small porches or bay windows, for example.

On the inside, modern homes look like professionally designed single-family homes. Many of them come with built-in furniture to help define the spaces. This makes it easy to settle into your new double wide home even if you aren’t into home design.

If you’re interested in seeing a modern mobile home, take a look at the video posted above. It gives a full exterior and exterior tour of a modern double wide mobile home. The home feels spacious for its size and looks light and bright. It comes with built-in appliances so you can move in without making any changes.

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