Every Step of the Water Well Drilling Process

This video explains the basics of well drilling in a fun and simple way for anyone to learn! The goal of drilling a well is to reach bedrock. To reach this bedrock, you have to drill through what is referred to as “overburden,” which is comprised of clay, sand, water, and more. The amount of overburden that exists between us and the bedrock varies greatly. There could be none, or there could be hundreds of feet!

There are unexpected occurrences that can happen while drilling down to bedrock. Some drillers even drill into caves that they didn’t know were there! There is one popular method of water well drilling used nowadays — rotary drilling. Rotary drilling machines are attached to trucks and hydraulic pumps and are powered by diesel.

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The drill is spinning, and as pressure is put onto the drill, it begins to hammer into what you are drilling. One less commonly used method of water well drilling is the use of a cable tool. With this method, a drillbit pounds repeatedly into the Earth and fractures the rock beneath it.

It’s incredible to see the moment that the drill team reaches the water. An explosion of liquid comes from the machine, making it clear to everybody that they’ve hit what they’ve been looking for.

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