Interested in Masonry? Follow These Tips for Beginners

This video discusses masonry tips for beginners. This video is for someone who has never worked with stone or blocks before. This video is not for an experienced mason.

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He talks about cement and suggests that you go to the store to get mason mix type S mortar if you have never worked with cement before. He talks about this specific mix and what it is suitable for.

It is premixed, and when you go to the store, you want to make sure it is soft. He likes this particular type of mason mix because it is premixed. All you have to do is add water. He shows how to mix it with water. He shows the consistency it needs to be when mixing it with water. If you use it with brick or block, you want it to stick to the trowel.

He shows how to add cement to a brick when you want to fix it. He suggests practicing whatever you want to work with. He is showing how to practice on a brick.

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