What To Know Before Buying Your New Shower Door

Do you plan on changing your old shower door because it doesn’t function anymore, or do you want a new one? Buying a new one can be confusing; before buying your new shower door, here’s what to know.

1. Size- when it comes to the entire cost of your shower door, size is one of the most determining factors to the overall cost. A typical wholesale custom shower glass door supplier will charge you more if you buy a large one. The bigger you want your shower door to be, the more materials that need to be used, which results in a rise in the price.

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2. Layout- the more panels you add to your door, or if you hinge the door off of a panel, this can increase the price of your shower door. More features mean that the wholesale custom shower glass door supplier will charge you more. If you want to keep the cost down, opt for shower doors with fewer panels and features.

3. Style- so whether you are looking for a frameless door, semi-frameless door, or a framed door, each one of them has a different price. Frameless door showers are typically one of the most expensive types, followed by semi-frameless and framed. It can also depend on whether it is sliding, swinging, or seemed doors can have a significant I, pact on the overall price of the shower door.


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