Experience a Day in the Life of an Irrigation Company

Want to know everything about the life of a technician at Blue Jay Irrigation company which is among the most famous irrigation companies, this video is perfect for you.

Here is what a life of a technician is at an irrigation company.

Design and installation of irrigation systems is done by irrigation professionals. To maintain optimal efficiency and water conservation in the systems, they conduct regular inspections, audits, and repairs.

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As well as municipalities and sports fields, they are employed in a wide range of settings, including residential, business, and municipal settings.

Installing and maintaining irrigation systems for crops, parks, gardens, and other green places is the job of an irrigation technician. Using mowers, tractors, and trenchers are just some of the heavy equipment they know how to operate (a machine that installs irrigation lines). Irrigation systems are activated and deactivated as instructed.

Various types of sprinkler heads and fittings can be repaired and replaced, as well as hoses and pipelines.
The main tasks of a technician in irrigation companies include;
• The ability to program and use timers, clocks, and sprinkler controls
• Irrigation valve replacement or repair.
• Irrigation line installation and maintenance.
• As needed, may assist with various maintenance tasks.
• The usage and upkeep of equipment and supplies is ensured, and workplace safety and environmental procedures are continuously improved.
• As needed, he removes snow from the roads.
• As assigned, performs a variety of other responsibilities relating to the position.

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