What is Flat Roof Installation?

A flat roof is considered a roof that has a pitch anywhere between one and ten degrees. In fact, this means that for the most part, a flat roof isn’t actually flat at all. Though it may look horizontal it usually has a minimum slope of a quarter of an inch per foot. This type of roof is becoming more and more common because of their sleek appearance and how easy they are to maintain. The clean, level surfaces give them a modern, stylish appearance.

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However, it should be noted that flat roofs are not completely flat and they have the slight slow or pitch that is used to prevent the collection of rainwater on the roof. When it comes to flat roof installations, these types of roofs are durable and can even last several decades if installed and maintained correctly. For these reasons, this type of roof is a top choice for homeowners than installing or replacing their roof. Commercial builders have also come to see the many benefits of flat roof installation for commercial properties. Real estate agents have seen that the flat roof is a good selling point for many kinds of properties, residential or commercial.


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