Installing Window Boxes

Window boxes add elegance and character to your home. If you are fascinated with plants and gardening, installing a window box in your home is best if you want to add beauty to it. Your home can be more artistic and aesthetic, depending on your style.

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Step-by-step guide in Installing Window Boxes

Check the Window Box Overview
Check the window box overview by measuring the window frame. It will ensure that all your window box is correct.

Mark the exact location of your box
Mark 1 inch from the underside of your window frame. Mark it with a pencil from the top.

Install the first bracket
Hold the first bracket and screw it from the top. Use a galvanized decking screw and fasten the bracket to the hole.

Install the second screw
Ensure that the bracket is plumbed perfectly. You can use a level to do it. Install the second screw in the bracket, just like the earlier step.

Install the second bracket
Put a level across two brackets. Ensure that they are on the same level. Screw the second bracket first to the top and next to the bottom.

Center your window box and fasten it to the brackets
Install the box on the center of the brackets. Drill on the holes and fasten them using a screw. You can now put soil in it, and you may start planting.

If you need more information about window box installation, you may contact a professional to help you.

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