How to Install a Propane Stove

After purchasing your brand-new propane stove, you’ll need to do a little bit more work before you can do some cooking. This sounds like an interesting DIY project, but calling your local gas and plumbing contractor is all but required by some state laws. Still, here are some of the steps that your contractors will need to install your propane stove:


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Select an area where the propane tank won’t affect the aesthetics of your home.
2. The propane tank also needs to be 10 ft away from the source of ignition/electricity.
3. The tank needs to be 3 ft away from any opening into your home (unless a special permit is obtained from the fire department).
4. Find where the gas pipe must go and make sure it coincides with the stove’s inlet. Drill a hole using a spade bit.
5. Drill a pilot hole to connect the gas pipes to the tank.
6. Use a pipe joint compound that’s made for gas.
7. Leave room for future additions like gas-powered water heaters by adding a spare connection to the pipes.
8. Make sure to add a service valve and make sure the end is sealed properly.
9. Don’t connect the gas pipes to the propane tank if you haven’t performed a pressure test yet. If there is a leak, call your local plumbing and gas inspector to verify the result.
10. If the pressure test is successful, connect the pipes to the propane tank and enjoy cooking.


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