The Details of Basement Water Proofing Services

If your home has an old foundation, you may not be able to use your basement space in the way you want to. Old foundations typically allow groundwater to pass through them. This water is then drained through a sump.

You don’t have to live with a wet basement, though. Basement water proofing services can transform your basement space. But how do these services keep water out? The approach they take varies by foundation and soil type, but the video on this page shows some of what a basement water proofing service might do for your home.

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Typically, these services block water from entering the basement with water proofing membranes. These membranes cover every interior wall of a basement space without overlapping. They have to be precisely placed so water doesn’t leak between seams. Sometimes, the exterior of the basement walls needs to be coated as well.

Water will still exist around the basement, and will need to be diverted to avoid damage. Sometimes, sumps are still used to collect and remove water from around the basement walls. But that water should never cross the floor of the basement, so homeowners are free to install whatever flooring or finishes they desire.


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