Green Wall Installation Tips

In this video, you will learn about green walls. Plants can make a great addition to your wall. There are a lot of plants that make great green walls. They are easy to care for and easy to train to grow in that direction.

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When a plant gets a good amount of light, it can get so much bigger and the leaves get so much stronger. Before she gets into the hooking process, she is checking the plant to see if it needs any care. It can be hard to give the plant adequate water. If it is getting fertilizer, that is helpful. Usually, the plant is going to be planted in a wall-mounted planter. To find out what is wrong with the plant, you might have to take it out of its planter. A big issue that happens with plants is that they might get root-bound. Before trimming the roots, you will want to make it nice and fresh. Giving it regular maintenance helps maintain the life span of the plant so it can eventually grow bigger and possibly reproduce.

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