Environmentally-Friendly Paint Products Protect Your Family and Employees From VOCs and Other Allergens

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Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a concern for many individuals. This is particularly the case for those individuals with chemical sensitivities. A recent report by CBC Marketplace revealed that when VOC levels were over 500 parts per billion, this could cause problems for individuals with these and other sensitivities.

The Results of a Study on Allergic Reactions in Children

A study was conducted with Swedish children that experienced multiple allergic symptoms. The Dampness in Buildings and Health study revealed that when children were exposed to solvents called propylene glycol ethers (PGE), that it almost doubled the chance that these children would also develop allergic sensitivities to other types of allergens.

When children’s bedrooms had high PGE concentrations, the aforementioned Swedish study found that 25% of the participants possessed an increased chance of having the following medical conditions:

  • Asthma: 100%
  • Eczema: 150%
  • Rhinitis: 320%

The Results of a Study on Allergen-Free Hotel Accommodations

Cornell University’s Survey Research Institute conducted a study with travelers regarding allergy-friendly rooms. The results showed that 83% of the participating travelers would choose an allergen-friendly room if this were an option. Furthermore, 59% of the participants indicated that they would choose a hotel with allergen-friendly rooms over one that didn’t have these types of acommodations available.

The Results of a Study on Environmentally-Controlled Office Spaces

A recent study was conducted in the TIEQ lab at the Syracuse Center of Excellence. During this six-day study, participants worked in an environmentally-controlled office space where VOC levels were reduced to the following approximate measurements:

  • 50 micrograms per cubic meter
  • 40 cubic feet per minute of outdoor air per person

The results of this study showed that the participants’ cognitive scores differed from individuals that worked in conventional workspaces. On average, these scores were 101% higher than for their conventional counterparts.

Learn More About Minimizing VOCs at Home and in the Workplace

While many individuals may be concerned about the presence of outdoor organics that can contribute to and/or cause health issues, these actually tend to be two to five times higher indoors, according to several studies. Given this, there are a variety of measures that can be taken by households and businesses to minimize these toxins.

When home or business owners has flooring that is over a year old, for example, many of the VOCs will have already dissipated. However, if new flooring is being installed or painted, it’s important to use organic, VOC-free painting materials.

When walls are being painted, it’s important to remember that latex free paints are available. Since many people have a latex allergy, this can reduced the symptoms associated with coming into contact with this substance.

Shielding paint is also something to consider when painting walls and other surfaces. This is a type of paint that protects against radiation and is often seen in matte black. In addition to using shielding paint to protect against radiation in a home of office, it can also be used in a variety of other buildings and businesses.

If you would like to learn more about shielding paint and different types of primers, paints, and protective coatings, you can contact a paint store that sells eco-friendly products. In addition to requesting paint chip samples, you’ll also be able to find out where these products can be applied. When you use these eco-friendly products, you’ll be creating a more allergen-free environment.

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