Aging in Place with Residential Lifts for your Home

Install residential lifts

One of the biggest concerns many people have as they think about growing older, is whether or not they will be able to remain in their home. With the rising costs of health care, and assisted living and nursing homes being so expensive, most people are hoping they will be able to age in their homes without having to leave. Of course, most homes will require some sort of modification in order to be able to accommodate people as they get older. One such accommodation you can make is to consider installing residential lifts.

Imagine that you have a residential lift in your home as you grow older. This would allow you to be able to do things like carry groceries between the garage and kitchen, or to take laundry from the laundry room to the bedroom. An elevator would mean that you wouldn’t have to be regulated to just one floor should you require the use of a wheelchair at some point in the future. You could use an elevator company to install a lift for you, and still be able to roam freely about your house.

There are over 700,000 elevators in America, and you probably think that those are all commercial elevator installation numbers. In fact, over 10,000 new elevators are being installed each year. You can having a residential elevator installation company come to your home and provide a free estimate as to what you would need, but imagine getting in to your own elevator, pushing a button, and going to your destination just as you would in a public elevator. The good news is that the technology of elevators has come a very long way over the years. They used to require two people in order to operate the intricate systems to move people and items between floors. Fortunately, we have moved way beyond that and elevator lifts don’t require all of that labor. The prices of elevator installations have also reduced. What once used to be only for the wealthy, is now available for most homes when you consider the savings of not paying for assisted living or nursing homes. The trade off is great on residential lifts.

Think about how your knees will thank you, too! Some people end up doing more damage to their knees from tromping up and down stairs all day. They may install a chair lift but those are very small and don’t allow you to carry laundry or other items. Keep your independence and freedom by installing an elevator for just a few floors or all of your floors. There are multiple kinds of options based on your budget.

One thing we definitely don’t want to have happen, is to be stuck on the ground floor without being able to have full use of your home. No one wants a “hospital bed in the living room” situation. Take the time to call some residential elevator service providers and see if residential lifts are a good option for your home.

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