Ask Your Local Air Conditioning Company About Energy Star Certified Systems

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Do you live in a home that was built back in the 1980s? While not all homes built during those years had air conditioning units, many did. It’s interesting to note that approximately 20% of these homes still have their original air conditioning units in place.

In order to keep homes cool during 2006 to 2010, American households used the following methods:

  • Air conditioning without heat pumps: 79.1 million
  • Central air conditioning: 55.5 million
  • Room air conditioners: 23.6 million

Currently, 2/3 of all homes in the United States have some form of air conditioning system. In order to keep these units functioning optimally, it’s necessary to have regular maintenance at least once a year.

If you haven’t had your air conditioning unit inspected or maintained recently, there may be several signs that it’s not working properly. Are you experiencing high humidity? Do you have excessive dust floating around your house? If you’ve noticed either or both of these issues, it’s possible you have leaky ducts or broken parts.

When you have a unit that is 15 to 20 years or older, it would be a good idea to have it replaced with a new, high-efficiency model. In addition to reducing your energy consumption between 20% to 50%, you will also notice a significant difference in your home’s air quality.

There are other actions you can take to maintain your home’s temperature. These including ensuring that your home is properly insulated and that your doors and windows are well-seated and draft-free.

When you contact an air conditioning repair company to learn more about high-efficiency air conditioners, they will provide you with information about Energy Star certified systems. These newer systems are 15% more efficient than their predecessors. Furthermore, over the past 10 years, there have been quite a few advances with these and other clean air products.

If you already have an Energy Star certified system, then remember that these units also need to receive regular inspection and maintenance. A local air conditioning repair company will be able to provide these services for you so that you are able to be maintain a comfortable temperature during hot weather.

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