Four Ways to Save Big Bucks on Cabinets


You don’t have to be a home expert to know that cabinet components ain’t cheap. In fact, they’re the opposite of ain’t cheap. Buying cabinet components for just one kitchen can easily run into the tens of thousands of buckaroos. Talk about ain’t cheap.

However, having nice-quality cabinets is a big part of having a nice kitchen. And having a nice kitchen is a big part of having a nice house. In fact, if you are a home expert, you know that the state of the kitchen is one of the biggest selling factors of the entire home.

So what’s a person to do if their cabinets badly need to be replaced but they don’t have the denaro to pay full price for nice cabinet components? You’ve come to the right place if that’s your question!

Four Ways to Save Big Bucks on Cabinet Components

  1. Shop Online

    If you are moderately handy with a screw-driver (and we’re talking novice-end of moderately handy), you’ll save a lot of cash by purchasing “ready to assemble” cabinets online and then putting them together yourself. These kits include the MDF you need for the cabinets themselves, the pre-made cabinet doors in whatever material you choose, and the hardware to put them all together. One good weekend or two will get you the cabinets of your dreams at a price tag you can swallow.

    Pros: Super inexpensive component cabinets.

    Cons: You have to be able to put the pieces together yourself, but these systems come with pretty clear cut instructions, and are the equivalent of putting together the furniture components you get from places like IKEA. Also, you’ll have to pay for shipping. Sometimes this kills the deal.

  2. Shop Second-hand

    Often, when a kitchen is being renovated, the cabinets are still in good shape, the designer is just going in a different direction. If you keep you eye on sources like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you might be able to snag yourself a whole new set of cabinets for pennies on the dollar of what you’d pay for them new.

    Pros: Cabinets that are already built and usually in good shape, for so much cheaper than buying them new.

    Cons: Sometimes you have to remove them from their original home yourself. This takes some serious muscle power. Also, you’ll probably have to transport them yourself, so make sure you factor renting a truck in the price when shopping for a deal.
  3. Keep an Eye on Architectural Material Resale Shops.
    Another source for cheap cabinet materials are the “thrift stores” of building supplies. Habitat for Humanity as a Re/Store where the sell of building material to fund their cause (building homes for people in need). It’s awesome if you can find your cabinets here, as they’re typically super cheap and your money goes to a good cause. Otherwise, there are also for-profit stores that do the same thing, but typically understand the value of the cabinets and might be pricier.

    Pros: Really inexpensive cabinets, and possibly funding a good cause.

    Cons: This option is often, but not always, a good deal. You need to understand the baseline typical cost of the cabinets that you are looking for (considering size and materials) so you can understand if you’re getting a good deal or not.

  4. Shop clearances from cabinet suppliers.

    There are a variety of reasons that a cabinet supplier might be offering a whiplash-inducing good deal on the cabinets you need. Maybe they had a custom order that fell through. Maybe there was a measurement so they don’t fit in the intended kitchen (but as serendipity has it, fit your kitchen). Maybe the supplier has to get rid of their floor model. Maybe there is a minor imperfection that you could live with. Whatever the reason, if you watch for deals from a cabinet manufacturer, you might find one!

    Pros: Really great-quality cabinets for a price that won’t break the bank, without a ton of extra work on your part.

    Cons: Deals like this go fast. You have to really watch for them and be ready to pounce when they’re available.

Buying new cabinets can have profound impact on the look and feel of the entire home. Unfortunately, it can also have a profound impact on your renovation budget as well. Our tips will get you the cabinets you want, at a price you can afford.

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