Five Clues it’s Time to Pump Your Tank

Septic tank

No one likes to think of having problems with your septic tank. But all too often, there are signs that indicate it may be time to empty that little underground tank or risk charging a much higher budget for septic tank repairs. Here are five signs to indicate pumping your septic tank might be a good idea.

  1. Backed Up Sewer
    By far the most noticeable and nastiest indicator is if your sewers start to get backed up. It’s a good idea to check drains in the lowest part of the house first to see if there is any blockage. If there is, you need to call a septic tank service right away.
  2. A Lawn that Looks a Little Too Good
    While we all want a nice, healthy lawn, if you notice the ground over your tank is looking particularly healthy when compared to the rest of the grass, that may be a hint that the tank is full. Your tank may be leaking and incidentally providing a lot of water for that one particular spot.
  3. Strong Smells
    Septic systems collect a lot of grime from showers, sinks and toilets over time. All this can combine to create a truly wretched stench to burn your nostrils if it gets to open air. If you are noticing a particular sewage-type smell, it’s time to call a septic service.
  4. Drains Appear Slower
    Slow drainage could mean a simple clog, however if various means to remove the clog fail, such as using a plunger, pouring draino or calling a plumber, doesn’t work, then it may mean your septic tank is full and no clog exists at all.
  5. Puddles or Pools of Water
    Now these puddles could be caused by rain or melting snow, so just because you see a puddle doesn’t mean it automatically points to problems with your septic system. However, if you notice a large pool of water by the area where your septic tank is, it could be a sign that it’s overflowing. Solids can clog the drains, thus causing the liquids to get pushed out and flood the yard. If you notice this, or anyone of these signs, you may want to consider getting your tank checked.

No one wants to have a busted water tank. Keeping up on maintenance and pumping can ensure your septic tanks lasts for a long, long time and doesn’t leave you with a gross and dirty mess.

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