Your Outdoor Furnace Questions Just Got Answered

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When it comes to the world of the outdoor wood burning furnace, there are not too many viable options out there if you are looking for quality and dependability. The truth is, you need something that is going to heat your home or place of work and you need a system that is going to do it with efficiency and reliability.

If you live in an area of the country where you would be desiring an outdoor wood furnace, then chances are you already know something about them. You have likely lived with the residential furnace or commercial furnace for most of your life. If that is the case, then you have also likely heard of the Heatmor brand.

At the present time, there are roughly around 200,000 outdoor furnace units in operation around the country. Outdoor furnaces can be an extremely cost-effective way to heat your home or business. If you have access to free wood or the ability to cut and gather your own, you can all but eliminate your cast of heating.

In addition to virtually eliminating your heating bills on its own, your Heatmor brand outdoor furnace can likely be tied into your regular heating system, giving you the flexibility to have more control over your heating plans.

Outdoor wood furnaces have many different kinds of uses when you think about it. They provide central heating and hot water for your home or your business and can also provide heat for water in hot tubs, swimming pools, and even pressure washers. Anything around your home or business that needs any kind of heat source, your Heatmor brand outdoor wood burning furnace can likely provide that heat.

There are current owners of outdoor furnaces that are reporting not only better heating efficiency but the fact that they are doing it all with 25 to 70% less wood than traditional wood burning furnaces.

Outdoor wood and coal boilers are hot water based boilers. These appliances heat the water in the jacket that surrounds the firebox. From there, the hot water runs through the insulated pipes straight to the building they are heating. The way the outdoor boil ties into the existing heating system is through a heat exchanger. This enables the outdoor furnace to provide domestic hot water and radiant floor heat as well.

The outdoor wood burning furnace might seem like something outdated that should have gone by the wayside when it comes to modern technology. The fact is, though, residential furnaces of this type are inexpensive to get and can save you tons of money on your heating bills in the dead of winter.

Before you head into your next winter season wondering how you are going to cope with falling temperatures and rising bills, consider the Heatmor brand of outdoor wood burning furnaces. You will be glad you did.

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