Do You Have an Emergency Game Plan?

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Life is unexpected. If you ever were in the scouts then you know that one f the most important things in life is to be prepared. Whether it is due to natural causes other other external factors it is always worth it to be prepared for the worst and to have an adequate plan in pace. It is very easy to take the creature comforts we enjoy every day for granted, such as gas, electricity, food, w2ater and heat. Have you ever thought about what you and your family would do if the gas and electricity went out for a evening during the chilly winter? Now think about if there was a situation in which your area lost power for a week or longer. Taking into account natural disasters, these occurrences are far from uncommon. Taking the steps to prepare for emergency circumstances and having the proper equipment, knowledge and training can make the difference between a possible life and death situation and you and your family’s survival.

Proper Planning is Always the First Step

When it comes to making sure that your family is prepared for any possible emergency the first step should always be proper planning. Having a good and rehearsed plan in place will insure that when emergency situations come about, every family member will know the proper actions to take. Think about the classic school fire drill, with enough repetition certain actions become almost like second nature. When putting together your family plan, focus on breaking down steps to easily actionable moves, such as finding exit routes or preparing for evacuation. Each family member should have a specific function that is based off of their personal abilities. Especially if you have small children, practicing your action plan is especially important. Children can become easily frightened in new and stressful situations.

Asses Your Resources and Keep Emergency Supplies in Stock

One of the most important parts of your emergency preparations is to have enough supplies for you and your family to be able to endure any type of situation that might present itself. Consider the main areas of survival: water, shelter and food. Having enough emergency food and water supplies stored away should be a part of any emergency plan. Depending on experts, you should have at least enough food and water to last for about 3-6 weeks. The best types of foods to keep stocked are things that can be consumed cold and have a long shelf, many times this means canned food, but also dried fruits and other freeze frozen foods are good to have on hand. There are several commercial regeneracy ration kits that can be bought online. In addition to food and water it is also important to remember to have a supply of first aid and pertinent medications.

Consider Alternative Sources of Energy

If you are in your home than you also must consider that many times when there are emergency situations the power grid goes down. It is important to have a backup plan for these times. There are many options for alternative sources of energy such as gas and propane stoves or even alcohol powered stoves for cooking. While these can help provide light and some type of heating many people find that having a standby generators can be helpful when it comes time for emergency power. Emergency generator installation requirements vary depending on certain factors. Many can just be used much like a power outlet, while other standby generators require being hooked up to your homes power box. There are several standby generators of various sizes with different that can provide different amounts of power. While some standby generators provide enough power for the essentials, such as light and the use of a few appliances. Whole house generators in essence replace the use of the power grid and can provide a considerable amount of power.

While life is full of surprise, that does not always mean that they are all going to be pleasant. In order to deal with life’s curve balls, make sure to plan before you have to deal with any emergency situation that can come your way.

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