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It’s no secret — the majority of people in America love beautiful homes. Whether they own one, are in the market for one or are just observing, a gorgeous home is seldom left unappreciated. The beauty of a home is not just limited to the outward appearance but also to the layout and decor inside. Some business provide great customization for homes so you can install cool possessions like custom wine racks, custom wood cabinets and custom fireplaces for home decor improvements.

The Facts of the Industry

The U.S. Cabinet and Industry is responsible for many successful remodels. The industry renovates and manufactures custom made cabinets across the country. Currently, the United States is home to an estimated 8,336 vanity and cabinet businesses. The U.S. Cabinet and Vanity Industry generates an estimated 95,154 people as well as an estimated $20 billion in annual revenue.

The “Cost vs. Value Report” from 2015 states that to complete a minor kitchen remodel it will ultimately cost, on average, $19,226. This figure includes the cost of appliances, flooring, countertops, new cabinet doors and drawer fronts and labor. A minor kitchen remodel such as this, which includes the complete makeover of kitchen cabinets, averages a return of 72.8%.

It’s All in the Details

In 2013 a survey showed that 79% of people who are remodeling kitchens choose to do so for the purpose of improving the look and feel of their home. Many people seem to have the same preferences when it comes to what is inside of their homes. Besides custom wine racks and cellars or custom built bookshelves, 61% of people in the midst of remodeling choose to incorporate a kitchen island. Soft, neutral colors in the kitchen are preferred by 75% of homeowners. There is a 65% preference for stainless steel appliances and over 16% of people who answered questions for a 2013 survey think the best custom cabinets incorporate appliances within them. Also, sustainable products are desired by 28% of men and 25% of women when decorating and furnishing their home. Custom cabinetry is also a big selling point and desirable asset. Everyone wants to have a beautiful home, and with custom remodeling you can turn your house into the home of your dreams.

Hand craftsmanship and quality materials combine together to make amazing customized furniture. Spruce up your home with custom wine racks, custom wood home bars, custom gun cabinets, custom bathroom vanities and much more. Don’t settle for mediocre or boring, easily make your most desired items the conversation piece of your home with uniquely customized furniture and decor.

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