Residential Vinyl Fencing Helps You Keep Your Children and Pets Safe

Fencing a pool

Are you tired of neighborhood kids cutting through your yard at the end of the day? Do you wish that your children could play outside as long as they want, instead of just when you are able to closely supervise them? Are you frustrated with having to keep your dog inside so that other people’s pets don’t bother him? Worse yet, are you sick of having to pick up animal waste from pets other than your own? It’s possible that it might be time for you to consider a custom fencing project for your backyard.

Whether you are interested in residential vinyl fencing or custom pool fencing for the new pool you plan to install, privacy fencing options can extend the use and security of your backyard. While many people like the open look of an unfenced yard, sometimes this is just not practical for families with pets and small children. If adding an inground pool to your backyard is in your plans, insurance policies mandate that the pool is protected by a fence.

Luckily, the number of fencing options available to you are as varied as the plans you have for your outdoor space. In fact, the U.S. fence industry generates an estimated $51 billion of revenue a year. An estimated 99,939 businesses in America offer fencing services and products and the industry employs an estimated 270,455 people in the United States. This growing business segment offers everything from custom residential vinyl fencing to a bamboo privacy fence to seclude your newly purchased hot tub, as well as chain link fences and anti crash fencing. If you have a purpose for your backyard or other outdoor space, you will find a company to meet your needs.

Fencing design is also available in a variety of styles. You can choose a color and material to match the look of your backyard gazebo or to coordinate with the railings on your front porch or backyard deck. Residential vinyl fencing comes in a variety of heights as well as colors, allowing you to work with a group of neighbors to produce a unified look throughout your neighborhood, or even your entire subdivision.

Whether your goal is to increase the safety and security of your home with a chain link or ornamental metal fence, or you simply want to create a visual boundary between your backyard and the neighborhood park, fencing options will allow you to customize your desired look.

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