Don’t Throw Out Your Bathtub! Refurnishing Is Cheaper And Lasts Longer

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Are you getting a little tired of your old bathtub? While other aspects of your home can seem to remain up-to-date without trouble, your bathtub can often slip under the radar when it comes to upkeep. Wear and tear from scratches, chips and cracks can build up seemingly overnight and put you in the position of considering whether to refurbish it or throw it out entirely! Never mind losing a few tiles due to accidents or unruly children. Thankfully, all is not lost for your poor bathroom — a bathtub refinish or a ceramic tile job might be just the thing you need and for a smart price to boot.

Did you know a properly reglazed tub can last for up to ten more years? A small investment with a large payoff is music to anybody’s ears! Bathtub reglazing (also called bathtub resurfacing or refinishing) is the process of refreshing the surface condition of a damaged bathtub and making it as good as new. Everything from putty to glaze is used to add shine and durability to your average worn-out surface. Not only that, you can add a new coat of color or texture if you’re looking for something different. Last, but definitely not least, refurbished tubs are easier and quicker to clean in the long-run than their aged counterparts. A wise decision, since old and dirty tubs can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. The last thing you want when taking in a nice hot soak are germs!

Reglazing is often cheaper than buying and installing a brand new tub, too. The average bathtub refinishing cost runs anywhere from $300 to $400 and bathroom tile installation is even cheaper. You can pay for a set of tiles or for individual ones depending on your aesthetic and functional needs. Future maintenance involves watching what cleaners and soaps you use to maintain your bathroom and using the proper type of glaze during refurbishing. You want it to be able to withstand everything from heat, cold, pressure and abrasion. A cracked tile can be replaced or even painted over and tile flooring installation is often done within the same day. With all this ease of convenience, there’s no reason to keep putting off that bathroom remodel! How will you do your ceramic tile job or bathtub refinishing?

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