Three Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement That You Can’t Ignore

Basement water proofing

So you’ve just moved into a new home. Throughout all the madness of moving in, your new house’s basement is probably the last thing on your mind.

However, it should be one of your biggest priorities, as a basement water leak can be more devastating to your home’s structural integrity than you may think. However, most basement water proofing solutions can prevent against these leaks and floods, which is why it’s a good idea to consider having your basement water proofed.

Here are the top three reasons why every homeowner should consider investing in a basement water proofing procedure:

Water proofing basements opens up more space

When you water proof a residential basement, there will no longer be floods or leaking water in this space — which means you’ll have much more space in your basement to use for storage or for an entertainment area that would otherwise be filled with pools of water. An extra bonus? Your home’s value will increase as a result!

Basement water proofing solutions save energy

When water leaks into your basement, it saps heat and energy from your home. If left unattended to, this can result in thousands of extra dollars in home heating costs in the long run. By investing in water proofing solutions for your basement, you can save significant amounts of money on your energy bills each month, giving you more to spend on other things.

Basement water proofing saves thousands in foundation repair

Did you know that the average foundation repair to fix water damage can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000? If a basement isn’t water proofed properly, it can incur this water damage and significantly weaken your home’s foundation and structure. Avoid these types of costs by getting your basement water proofed early on.

Want to know more about how water proofing a basement can be beneficial? Ask any questions you may have about basement water proofing or repairing foundation problems in the comments below.

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