Don’t Confuse Calcatta Marble With Carrara!

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Marble exudes a certain elegance, character, and style, which makes it a hot idea for any kitchen remodel designs or bathroom remodel designs. However, what most people don’t know is that there are different types of marble countertops. The design, flow, and ambience of a room can all be ruined if you choose the wrong types of marble countertops.

To help you make the right choices, here’s a little info on the two different types of marble countertops that are extremely popular, but often mixed up.


Calcatta is often confused with Carrara, not only because the two are similar, but also because Calcatta comes from Carrara, Italy. Calcatta is brighter white kind of marble that has bolder, more dramatic veining. It’s a particularly good choice if you’d like a marble with large, thick patterning. It can be used to contrast and highlight white sinks and baths, drawing attention to their elegance. It should be noted though Calcatta is rarer than Carrara, and is considered a luxury stone.


Carrara has a softer veining, and tends to be more gray. Its patterning is also more linear, making it less dramatic than Calcatta. Its feathery lines and grayer tones might be better suited if you don’t want a more relaxing, subdued ambience in your kitchen or bathroom.

It should be noted that all kinds of marble are the same–their color and patterning solely affect their aesthetics. Marble is marble.

Whether you’re doing a bathroom remodeling project or a kitchen remodeling project, choosing the right types of marble countertops is important. If you have any questions about the different types of marble countertops, feel free to ask in the comments. Good refereneces:

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