Awesome New Prototypes Make Green Energy More Accessible Than Ever Before

Residential solar installation

In Denmark, the V164-8.0 wind turbine was finally turned on for the first time yesterday morning. The turbine is the largest and most powerful in the world and is the result of a joint effort by Vestas — the second-largest turbine manufacturer in Europe — and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The 720 foot tall behemoth that features 260 foot long blades has the ability to power some 7,500 European households or a little over 3,000 American homes. But though wind power is becoming more common, and is already used all over the U.S. and Europe, solar residential systems might be the best option for homeowners looking to go green quickly.

The giant new turbine is meant mostly for offshore wind farms and isn’t even slated to be produced until next year. However, there are already several different residential solar panel systems that homeowners can use to get off of the traditional electrical grid. Though they might be relatively new in the housing industry, photovoltaic systems have actually been used by space programs since all the way back in 1958. Advancements in technology and more efficient systems have lead to them becoming a good option for homeowners looking to preserve the environment.

Undoubtedly, the combination of technological advancements and the rising costs of utilities have contributed to the fact that the use of solar energy has surged about 20% per year over the last decade and a half. During the summer, when AC units need to run to keep homes cool, Americans can expect to pay around $400 in utility bills from June through August. While installing solar residential systems is still expensive, they have the potential to eliminate utility bills.

The solar energy environmental benefits are quite simple. Essentially, it produces no waste and uses nothing but natural energy from the sun, rather than the burning of fossil fuels. As a result, the only pollution created comes from the physical construction, transportation, and installation of the panels. So whether you are looking to save money on electric bills or keep your neighborhood clean and healthy, installing solar systems is a great idea.

There is not particular alternative energy option that is perfect for every homeowner. While some will be able to get onto grids powered by wind farms, others might need individual solar panel systems that power only their home. Either way, new developments and products like the staggering V164-8.0 can be key to powering homes in the future.

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