Best Uses for Quarter Round Dimensions

The quarter round is a popular type of wood trim. This molding finish is a quarter of a round dowel, featuring a characteristically bulging curve. It’s a great option when it comes to rounding out 90-degree joints between floors and walls and filling corners, as demonstrated in the video. Since it comes in different sizes, quarter-round trim can be used in a wide selection of applications. To find out more about the uses of this floor finishing option, read on below.

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This molding finish can be used along baseboards and floors. Where necessary, it can also be installed on countertops and backsplashes as well. As such, its use can significantly improve the form and function of a space.

When used to close or hide the gap between the flooring and baseboards, the trim helps create a more professional and refined look. Additionally, a quarter-round can also be used to hide any unevenness in flooring – thanks to its flexible structure. The molding can be used to completely conceal noticeable gaps. With it installed, you will be able to keep dirt and grime from getting trapped in those tiny crevices.

There are different quarter round dimensions – with the ¾” variety being the most commonly used. Regardless of whether you go with tile, laminate or engineered wood flooring, this trim option can help you achieve a professional finish when renovating your property.


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