3 Uses For An Electrified Exit Device

Having regulated/controlled access to a commercial or public building is essential. That’s why electrified exit devices are a popular component indoors today. They help monitor spaces for safety reasons, among other purposes.

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But the device must be adjusted properly as shown in the video for it to serve the purpose well. Check out the three common uses for electrified exit devices below.

Streamlining Access Control and Integration

One of the major uses of these devices is automating access to an area. This happens when they’re connected to an access control system. Authorized individuals use key fobs, access codes, or even mobile credentials to enter through the door. It simplifies accessibility while providing an audit trail for improved security.

Enhancing Security for Controlled Environments

Another popular application of electrified exit devices is the monitoring of controlled environments like hospitals and schools. They’re often used to provide alerts to staff when someone is trying to leave without permission. This enhances safety and security for everyone involved.

Improving Safety During Emergencies

The invaluable door hardware can be a lifesaver during fires or other emergency situations. They allow the automatic unlocking of doors when a fire alarm or another alert activates. As a result, there’s an easy exit and evacuation which complies with building and fire codes.

Bottom Line

Electrified exit devices are a crucial safety and security feature in commercial spaces. They allow you to control the accessibility of certain areas and monitor who goes where. They also improve safety in times of emergency. So you can’t go wrong with them.


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