Compelling Split Level House Exterior Ideas for the End of 2023

Split-level homes are one of the most economical to build. They’re often affordable enough to allow you, as the owner, to get more updates and better finishes. You also get the freedom to go all out on your split level house exterior ideas. You can go with whichever theme suits your fancy, from rustic, mid-century, coastal vibes to modern elegance, by simply merging materials like stone or brick and wood or steel, incorporating different shapes and contrasting colors, adding accents, retro designs, and minimalistic elements to create a striking exterior. You can end the year in style by turning your split home exterior from something dated to something fresh and looking brand new; here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Start With Home Insurance Coverage

The standard insurance for homes usually covers interior and exterior damage along with loss or theft of personal assets. As you consider split level house exterior ideas, ensure that you familiarize yourself with the different insurance policies you’ll require. A dwelling coverage, for instance, will pay for damage from covered peril to your home exterior of any structures attached to your house, like the porch or a deck. Other structure coverage will cover what’s not attached to your house, like fences, detached garages, or sheds, under Coverage B.

Coverage may include things such as siding and exterior painting only if caused by perils and risks covered by your policy, like extreme weather, vandalism, damage from cars or aircraft, or smoke and fire. Understand the difference between a named peril and an all-risk policy and inquire if they’ll cover replacements or actual cash value. Since you’ll have people working on your property to actualize your split level house exterior ideas, it’ll be important to take out liability coverage in case of injuries during the job.

2. Stay Financially Healthy

When you decide to invest in your split level house exterior ideas, ensure you make a calculated decision so you don’t drain out everything you’ve got and dent your lifestyle seriously afterwards. Also, make smart choices that will decrease your chances of losing money. For instance, if you’ll be ordering any material online, use escrow services so that you’re guaranteed to get what you order for and in good condition.

If you’re considering buying a split-level house, talk to a home mortgage broker to get one in a price range that comfortably fits your budget for a house, along with all the exterior work you’d want to do on it. A mortgage broker will also help you get options tailored to your financial condition. Before working with a broker, do your homework and check out review sites to know who you’ll be dealing with.

3. Tear Out Anything Dilapidated

If you’re especially going for a modern look with your split level house exterior ideas, you’ll need to remove outdated or damaged siding, replace worn shingles, gutters, and downspouts and get rid of deteriorated fascia boards, window or door castings, and soffits. Examine your doors and windows, and if they’re not energy efficient or aesthetically pleasing, replace them with newer and more efficient models. Anything in your outdoor fixtures that is worn and dated should be removed. Think of the mailbox, porch lights, house number, and other elements.

Don’t attempt to DIY major demolition. Instead, work with a demolition contractor who’s well-versed with split-level houses to ensure the structural integrity is maintained while working on your exterior. If your weather barrier has deteriorated, you’ll have some digging to do to curb water damage and mold problems. Hence, you’ll need to call certified excavation contractors to dig along your foundation carefully, ensuring construction is done correctly, considering safety and durability.

4. Don’t Let the Septic Overflow

Limiting the water consumption in your home, resolving blockages, and draining rainwater away from the septic will keep your septic tank from overflowing. However, there are other things you can do. Protect the drain field of your septic system by removing trees near it, as the roots can penetrate the tank and lead to overflow. This could be disastrous for the investment you’ll have put in for your split level house exterior ideas, as you may have to tear some things down to accommodate repairs.

Having your septic tank inspected and drained out as needed by a reputable, local septic company can also help. Call these professionals immediately if you notice septic backup like sewage bubbling up or other issues like slow-draining sinks, a wet lawn, or a bad smell from water sources. Avoid flushing down harsh chemicals or materials that would kill the beneficial micro-organisms vital for breaking down matter within the septic. If you need more clarification about what is safe and what isn’t, you can always ask your septic professional. They can give you a detailed list, which you can share with your family and other occupants.

Preventing a septic overflow protects you and your family from serious health hazards and extensive damage. All Dry USA cited that black mold can grow only a day after exposure to contaminated water. Risks to the larger ecosystem are a factor, as leaking sewage into streams can kill flora and fauna dependent on it.

5. Keep the Trees Presentable

The first thing you should do when you plant a tree in your lawn is to make a good water basin at its base, mulch it, and keep it weed-free. Doing this will help ensure the tree isn’t being robbed of nutrients and moisture, causing it to die rather than establish itself. Trench edge the bed to prevent grass from creeping up toward your mulched area so you can keep the area looking kempt.

Maintaining very huge trees is no small task, neither is it cheap. You can opt to pull some unmanageable ones out through a tree removal company and get your lawn some evergreen trees that don’t grow as tall and, hence, are easier to maintain while retaining their luster all year round. If you love those huge, grown trees, then make sure you regularly contract a local tree service to keep your lawn clear of leaves and overhangs.

Remember, trees can only add to the curb appeal of your house if you’re keeping them well-maintained. Trees not only need to be maintained for their aesthetics but for safety reasons as well. You should have your trees inspected for rot and pests to prevent trees from falling and damaging your property or, worse, causing serious injuries or fatalities if they fall on you or anyone within your compound. Trees will add height, shape, dimension, and color to your split level house exterior ideas. Thus, it’s important to know which tree you should place where and how its shape, size, and color accentuate the rest of your exterior look.

6. Don’t Let the Plumbing Back Up

By having scheduled inspections and maintenance of your plumbing system, most potential problems can be identified and remedied before morphing into major issues like backups, which could ruin your split level house exterior ideas. Besides that, there are other things you can do to help. Ensure that you and everyone in your household use a drain catcher that prevents debris from entering the drain. You should also avoid flushing heavy, greasy, and non-degradable items that would encourage clogging.

If your area has hard water, use softeners that curb mineral buildup, which could otherwise block or damage your plumbing system. Regularly performing drain cleaning using natural cleaners like a mixture of baking soda and vinegar will also help maintain clean drains and allow you to check for leaks and fix them promptly, as they can cause backup, leading to water damage. Avoid using a lot of water simultaneously in multiple areas of your home, as this can cause an overload on your plumbing system. Ensure responsible usage. Consider installing backflow prevention devices such as check valves or sump pumps to curb sewer backup during heavy downpours or flooding.

7. Invest in New Curb Appeal

Split-level houses are often modest without many architectural elements to make them jump off the page, along with a flat bed for a yard. You can change this up and make it awesome by introducing split level house exterior ideas that’ll add depth, texture, shapes, colors, and interest. For instance, instead of everything being bushes, flat and down to the ground or up against the house, create some depth by pulling the beds away from the house and curving them around to give the lawn a great shape.

Create height by bringing in trees and placing them strategically to enhance the vertical visual appeal and plant different colored flowers to make your exterior pop. Update the walkway and add some stained wood to the mailbox to give it a contemporary feel. You should also light the lawn by fixing some intimate path lighting along the walkway, near the trees and the mailbox.

You may use the opportunity to invest in a new, more attractive, and durable material for the driveway. A proper curb appeal isn’t complete without new windows, a wider and taller front door, siding, and a professionally painted garage door. Most split-level house owners opt to replace garage doors and even roofs, preferring neutral colors so every aspect of the front lawn brings out a stunning and cohesive look and increases the value of their home.

8. Do Some Thorough Research

Exploring the many different split level house exterior ideas can be so much fun as you have a blank canvas onto which you can showcase your creativity and vision. Draw inspiration from browsing online and toy with the various ideas, from creating an outdoor living space and entertainment area to functional storage areas. Save images and designs of landscaping trends that you’d prefer to discuss later with the professionals to see what’s possible.

The ideas you can actualize will depend heavily on your budget and the shape and size of your yard. Actualizing an exterior design is much more complex than just making your yard fit a picture; you must consider several things. Working with certified exterior professionals will serve you well as these experts pay attention to detail, a design skill key to making your spaces feel put together. They’re also environmentally aware, plus they have acute observational skills to design your exterior to the theme of its surroundings, catering to your taste while also considering what will be appropriate for the environmental quality of your site.

9. Invest In Power Washing

Over time, your exterior surface, due to exposure to all the elements, often piles up dirt, muck, and even mold, leaving your patio, driveway, walkway, deck, and other outdoor structures looking old, dull, worn out, and uninviting. Performing a deep clean using specialized equipment like a power washer can bring back the aesthetic appeal of your outdoors by removing all that buildup, brightening, and revitalizing your split level house exterior ideas. Deep cleans have other vital functions, like preparing surfaces for a paint upgrade or staining jobs and ensuring the finish is immaculate and long-lasting. Power washing is also a great way to maintain your drain pipes and gutters, as it’ll keep them free of clogs and ensure efficient and effective drainage to prevent costly future repairs.

Your home should most definitely reflect your personal preferences. However, for your split level house exterior ideas to serve you well, it’s important to consider the architectural style of your home and the area’s climate. Visualize the ideas with the help of an expert designer or by using visual software to help you make a well-informed decision. The good thing about split-level homes is they have a great resale value. You can attribute this to the fact that they’re on the lower end of the price scale and thus in high demand.

Whatever design you settle for, strive to ensure careful planning, thoughtful installation, dedicated maintenance, and collaboration with experienced professionals. It’ll be well worth it. Acquiring peace and tranquillity of mind from beholding beauty can’t be quantified. View this as an opportunity to transform your home exterior into a haven that reverberates your unique style, showcases your creativity, and enhances your daily living, all personalized to cater to the themes that best reflect what’s most important to you and your family.

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