Habitat for Humanity Home Builders Blitz

Having a home is one of the most important things in a person’s life. However, buying a home is out of reach for many. No matter how hard they work, saving the money and qualifying for the purchase isn’t an option for many. And because of this, their homes aren’t a stable place of safety for their families.

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Habitat for Humanity has been helping people buy their own homes for years. And in this video, they present one of their yearly programs, Home Builder’s Blitz. In the space of one week, builders all over the country put up houses for Habitat for Humanity. Between Habitat for Humanity and the individual builders and vendors, they are able to compress the time and requirements for building a whole house into the space of one week, then do so. In 2012, Home Builder’s Blitz put up two hundred and ten homes throughout the United States and that number continues to grow.

Homebuilders know the importance of having a place to call home. Even with the struggles in their own industry, the companies in this video are donating their time and resources to those in their communities who need help. Whether it’s corporate donations, builders, or companies that provide things like lumber or residential garage door services, everybody pitches in. As one man explains, taking just one week to work for free doesn’t affect their ability to make money.

But it can make a sixty thousand dollar difference in their community. Plus, there is a sense of companionship and competition between the builders, who say that they all enjoy the work as they create something concrete and get to know the recipients of the houses that they are building. By taking this time to help, they are helping people that they know in their community and will be able to see the immediate impact that their work has on their lives.

Events like Home Builder’s Blitz are great ways for charity organizations to boost their output. While Habitat for Humanity does great work year-round, this is an opportunity for them to do this work in a different style.

They are able to take just one week and quickly build quality houses. And since the time frame is so short, participants can invest themselves in it more easily. It’s a change from the norm for the builders, who can enjoy the experience while knowing that they are doing good work for those who need the help.


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