Factor To Consider When Choosing A Radon Abatement Company

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends minimizing radon gas in homes that have a radon level at or over 4 picocuries per liter of air. This is because the risk of lung cancer increases by about 16% for every 100Bq/m in prolonged average radon concentration. In fact, about 20,000 cases of lung cancer each year are caused by radon gas. To reduce these cases, people need to capitalize on radon testing and abatement services. You need to bring on board a radon abatement company that will not only conduct radon gas inspection but also put in place mechanisms to reduce this harmful gas. However, not any radon contractor or company is fit for this task. You have to conduct thorough research and consultations to arrive at the most competent radon mitigation firm. Below are some of the tips to guide you in that venture.

Level Of Experience

When it comes to radon abatement, the contractor you hire should guarantee you quality services. The expert should be able to reduce the radon gas in your home as a way of giving you value for your money. Unfortunately, not every radon abatement company will provide you with the best radon mitigation services. This is why you need to assess their level of experience. Getting a newbie in this industry is likely to pose a challenge. Such companies lack the expertise and experience to conduct radon inspection, testing, and abatement. Working with such amateurs will only lead to a waste of money and other related resources.

Legal Compliance

A significant number of radon abatement companies are operating illegally. They aim to exploit customers and make money through dubious means. Working with a radon abatement company that is not licensed to offer those services will only get you into a ditch and leave you frustrated. First, you will find their services to be of low quality. Secondly, you are likely to be coned. As you look forward to hiring a radon mitigation company, make sure you confirm they have a license to carry out their operations. In doing so, you are guaranteed to enjoy a thorough radon inspection, and proper measures will be laid in place to ensure effective radon mitigation.


The cost of radon abatement services matters a lot. With the high number of radon abatement companies currently available, be sure to encounter different costs. It is upon you to do a thorough assessment and compare the various costs to settle on that which perfectly fits into your budget. Take note that you do not have to spend too much money on these services. But also ensure the quality of services you receive is not compromised at all. Consult previous clients and read online reviews to find the most reliable and affordable radon abatement company. In that regard, you not only save on cost but also get served in the best way possible.

Proximity To Your Home

Scientists estimate that lung cancer deaths can be minimized by 2% to 4%, which is about 5, 000 deaths through reducing radon levels in homes exceeding the recommended EPA’s action level. To reduce the radon gas levels, you must hire a reliable radon testing and abatement company. The company should also be easily accessible or closer to your home so that you can get the services within a short time. You do not have to wait for ages before the radon contractor shows up. The health complications brought by this gas should prompt you to hire a company that is in close proximity to your residential area. You will be able to receive radon abatement services with just one phone call.


Radon abatement services ensure radon gas does not become a bane of your existence. You will be able to keep the levels of this gas at a recommended level, thus preventing health issues such as lung cancer. Competent and experienced radon mitigation companies can only provide such services. This means that the harmful effect of the drug on the fetus is unlikely. But do not take http://www.lbwr.org/ambien/ Ambien if you are pregnant or may become pregnant in the near future without first consulting your doctor. Therefore, you must do your homework well when it comes to selecting a radon abatement company. The company should be legally compliant, experienced with the right expertise, close to your residential area, and offer affordable radon inspection and mitigation services.

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