Ten Signs Your AC Need Attention

During the summer months, there is nothing worse than broken air conditioning. If you have an older unit, or you’re not quite sure how old your unit is, here are some signs that you should seek HVAC repairs before it’s too late.

__ Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

  • Warm Air. Probably one of the most obvious signs is a lack of cool air altogether. If your AC unit is blowing warm air, it could be a sign that your unit is either out of freon or experiencing a leak. In either event, call an air conditioning service as soon as possible.
  • Very Little Air Flow. Another sign that you need air conditioning services is a lack of airflow. This could be due to a blockage in one of the vents, but it could also be a sign that the unit’s compressor is failing. This is one issue where calling a professional is best, to get a correct diagnosis.
  • Thermostat Isn’t Working. If you’re trying to turn on your AC with the thermostat and it isn’t responding, or if it runs for a bit and shuts off, it could be that your thermostat isn’t correctly reading if the unit is functioning. Don’t try and solve this one yourself, as thermostats can contain some complex electrical elements. Seek a professional air conditioning service in order to get this problem repaired correctly.
  • Loud Noises. While most AC units make some sound, banging, scraping, grinding, or squealing are not sounds that any well functioning system should make. This could be a sign of a dislocated belt or loose components rattling around inside. If you’re hearing suspicious sounds, call up a professional before the loose parts can cause additional internal damage.
  • Foul Odors. It’s a bad sign if your AC unit is producing a foul stench. Not only can this stink up your whole house, but strong smells can indicate burned wire insulation inside the unit. If the smell is mustier, you could be looking at interior mold growth. Burned insulation can be dangerous, and mold growth can make your whole family sick. In both of these instances, turn off your unit and call your air conditioning service.
  • Frequent Repairs. While we’d all like to keep our units running for as long as possible if you’re looking at more and more frequent repairs, it may be time to throw in the towel. If you keep trying to fix up an aging machine, you could end up spending the price of a new unit just on repairs alone. Ask your HVAC specialist what they would recommend, and save yourself some time, money, and comfort.
  • High Humidity. An AC unit should be reducing the amount of moisture in the air; however, ff your unit isn’t removing as much humidity as it should, it’s time for a tune-up.
  • Freon Leaks. This problem can be quite dangerous. If you notice freon leaking around your unit, turn it off and immediately call your air conditioning service. Freon is poisonous so don’t try and fix this on your own.
  • High Energy Bill. If you notice a large bump in your monthly energy bill, it could be caused by your AC running longer to compensate for weaker output. There are a variety of causes for this issue, so having a professional inspection is definitely warranted.
  • Age. Last but not least, if your unit is over 10 years old, it’s time to start thinking about replacement. While we’d like them to last forever, the cost of repairs past this point isn’t usually worth the fuss.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your AC unit, reach out to a professional for an inspection. It’s better to stay on top of repairs so that you won’t have to go without cool air in the middle of a 90° summer.

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