How to Find and Use a Moving Company

Moving companies are a game changer when relocating to a new home. Getting a trusted professional is a challenge for many Americans. Families get ripped off by unscrupulous dealers. Some have lost valuables to theft in transit or charged more upon delivery. Most people opt for local moving companies with offices they can physically trace.

To find a local service provider, search online for a moving company near me. It will give you a list of moving companies around your locality that can help you move. Create an inventory of your household items before calling the movers and deciding the timeline for moving out. It will help you cross-check that you have everything when the company delivers at your new location.

Ensure the company you contract has a moving truck and its load capacity. The ideal one must be able to transport everything in one trip to save you on costs and time as you move. It must also have a storage container where your items can be kept safe in case of hitches during transportation. Inquire about the storage charges and rates to budget accordingly.

Every year, countless American households large and small move from their current residence to a new one, and many surveys and statistics are tracking this common occurrence. There are a number of helpful strategies a household can use when they are planning to hire moving services, and these moving companies may be found conveniently through an online search. Local moving companies may help only within the city or county, while other moving services may help a household relocate several states away. The same is true for hiring moving services to move a small office to a new location, and an office moving service may be called upon in particular. What is there to know about moving, and the endeavor of hiring moving services for the job?

Americans and Moving

Statistics show that an average American will move 12 times in their life, and most of that moving will happen during childhood, young adulthood, and middle age, for various reasons. Older Americans don’t move as often, since they would rather invest in a property and live there for a long time. The “typical” moving household is a couple aged 20-34 with one or two children. A person might move if they are leaving their parents’ house for college, for example, and moving into a dorm or apartment. In other cases, a family may move if one parent has gained a new job in a different location, or if the family is growing too large for the current residence.

Americans tend to move in warmer weather, and summer is the most popular time for moving out. By contrast, winter is the least popular time, and December sees the least moving activity among Americans. Perhaps this is due to ice and snow making a long moving trip risky, and moving out may disrupt the family’s winter holiday plans.

Preparing to Move Out

There are a few steps to follow before hiring moving services to help a family relocate. Once the new residence, and the time frame for the move, are both decided upon, the household can slim down the inventory. The average American household has 300,000 items in it, big and small. Kitchen utensils, books, electronic goods, furniture pieces, children’s toys, and more can add up fast, and this many items can make a move more challenging. So, an effort can be made to streamline the inventory, and one strategy is to divide the household’s items by category. Clothes are a whole category of their own, and the same is true of books, children’s toys, kitchen goods, hobby items, electronic goods, and more. Whichever items are not needed, or redundant or not useful, can be given away, sold at garage sales, or even recycled or just thrown away. Leftover larger items, such as furniture, may end up in a self-storage unit to keep them out of the way during the move.

The family will also look up moving services, and good moving services will have their own websites where a guest can review the company’s vehicles, customer ratings, and much more. The guest may also find out how far that company will drive for a move, as well as list all fees that will apply. Several moving companies can be compared this way until one is hired for the job.

Smaller items can be packed into boxes, and these are placed inside a moving truck or trailer. Larger items such as furniture will be placed in there too, and all items should be packed tightly and/or restrained with straps so that nothing is jostled or falls over during transit. Once the moving vehicles arrive at the new residence, the streets might be too narrow or otherwise difficult for the largest trucks to navigate. So, the items in those large trucks can be transferred to smaller ones, and delivered to the residence.

Small companies can also hire office movers to help them relocate all office furniture and items to a new building. These may include desks and chairs, meeting tables, computers, fax machines, and even water coolers, plus supplies such as paper and binders, and filing cabinets. Some moving companies that help relocate households might volunteer to handle office moves that are limited in scale.

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