Here are 3 Signs That Indicate You Need Home Foundation Repair Services

The foundation accounts for eight to fifteen percent of the total cost of building a home, and it’s small wonder as to why that is. As the bulk of the house rests on the foundation, it is undeniably one of the most important parts of any structure. There are three primary forms of home foundation: crawl spaces, slabs, and full basements. It’s important to be able to recognize the warning signs that indicate you need home foundation repair services, and this article will be taking a look at a few of those signs.

  • Cracks Forming in the Foundation Slab: One sign that indicates you need home foundation repair services is if cracks are seen forming in the foundation slab. These slabs are made of fairly thick concrete, and aren’t meant to move or shift all that much once they’re laid down, so if visible cracks are forming, it can mean massive issues are developing somewhere underground. Foundation contractors will need to be called in to examine the foundation slab and see what exactly is causing the problem before the cracks can be repaired and sealed.
  • Excessive Water Damage in the Basement: Another sign that indicates you need home foundation repair services is if there is excessive water damage in your home’s basement. Now, a little water damage doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem, as 98% of all homes with basements will experience some type of water damage. However, excessive water damage can indicate something is wrong with your basement foundation. One way to fix this issue is to call in basement waterproofing services and have them work on exterior waterproofing and interior waterproofing of the entire basement structure. Waterproofing can make it far less likely that the problem will recur again in the future.
  • Settling in the Foundation: And finally, a third sign that indicates you need home foundation repair services is if there is settling observed in the foundation. Settling is what occurs when portions of the foundation begin to sink into the ground, causing the foundation to become uneven and cracked. House leveling services will need to be brought in to raise the sunken portions back up to the proper level, while the ground underneath is reinforced to prevent the issue from happening again.

In conclusion, there are several signs that can indicate you need home foundation repair services. These signs include: cracks forming in the foundation slab, excessive water damage in the basement, and settling in the foundation. If these signs are not recognized in time, catastrophic damage can occur. So be sure to keep an eye out for any of these warning signs. By having any warning signs dealt with right away, you’ll keep your house in good condition for many years to come.

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