The Right Windows and Doors to Resist Hurricane Winds

Natural disasters and storms cannot be prevented, not even with modern technology, but measures can be taken so that lives and property are not so easily lost during a storm or disaster. Earthquakes have damaged a lot of property in the past, but newer foundations and internal structures allow buildings to resist these quakes and not fall apart or collapse. This is often done near California’s San Andreas fault and throughout much of Japan. Meanwhile, some buildings and houses are built on elevated foundations to prevent extensive flood damage, and most commercial buildings along the east coast are built with hurricanes in mind. Every year, from June to November, hurricane season may bring a number of these powerful storms, and buildings must be made ready for them. No one can prevent or divert a hurricane, and while people can be evacuated from a storm’s path, the buildings cannot. So, impact resistant hurricane windows and doors are used, and these glass door systems and hurricane proof windows allow a building to avoid the worst of property damage during a hurricane. A local windows and doors manufacturer may specialize in making impact resistant hurricane windows and doors, and Florida contractors may often make use of them during a construction project.

Hurricanes and Their Power

Hurricanes are among the most powerful and energetic storms in the world, and American and Caribbean contractors are concerned about yearly hurricanes forming along the Atlantic coast. Historically, in the 20th century, a total of 158 hurricanes formed, and Florida alone was hit by 57 of them (Texas had the second highest total, at 26). Even the smaller hurricanes can bring a lot of power and devastation, and statistics and trends suggest that these storms are becoming even more powerful now in the 21st century. Many experts are attributing this to climate change, but what can be said for sure is that 2017’s Hurricane Irma broke records for hurricane power. This devastating storm contained a staggering seven trillion watts of energy, and Hurricane Irma boasted 185 MPH winds for 37 hours during its lifetime. Before it was gone, Hurricane Irma blasted apart nearly 90% of the buildings in Barbuda, which left 60% of the people there homeless.

What is more, 2017 was the first year since 1893 when 10 different storms in a row developed into full-fledged hurricanes, and these number suggest that anti-hurricane measures are now more vital than ever. Some hurricanes have even been known to create tornadoes after they arrive on land, and in 1992, Hurricane Andrew spawned 62 such tornadoes during its lifetime.

While meteorologists can’t prevent or divert hurricanes away from cities, they are always working hard to study these storms to better predict their power, timing of arrival, and movement, so that evacuation efforts can be better coordinated. That, and modern impact resistant hurricane windows and doors are being installed in condos and apartments across the east coast to prevent major property damage from these storms. Hurricane proof doors and windows may save millions or even billions in property damage every year.

Installing the Right Windows and Doors

Commercial buildings such as condos, hotels, apartments, and office buildings always have many windows in them, but these windows may be liability during a hurricane. Contractors can’t simply omit windows and sliding glass doors when constructing new buildings, so instead, they will install impact resistant hurricane windows and doors to prevent major property damage during hurricane season. During construction of a new building, contractors in Florida may turn to suppliers and manufacturers of impact resistant windows and glass doors. Similarly, these windows and doors might also be fitted into an older building whose windows may shatter during a storm. If someone buys a new building in Florida for business, the impact resistant windows might be out of date, so new ones can be installed with modern standards of safety.

During a hurricane, ordinary windows and glass doors may be shattered by strong winds and windblown debris, and the debris, rain, and winds may devastate the interior and cause extensive property damage. But windows and glass doors with an impact-resistant glaze system of +105/-130 can resist winds over 100 MPH in strength, and windblown debris may simply bounce off of them.

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