Grandparenting and Home Wood Working Have Some Things in Common

Final day for Grandparent Camp 2019 started with a short hike to see dragonflies, monarchs, and boy bouquets of wild Indian blanket flowers before the summer heat rose. The final cousin arrived to make Papa and Nana’s grand collection complete, and the weather cooperated enough that you were able to spend enough time outside to make certain that everyone would sleep well on the last night away from home.

After lunch, you headed for water adventures at the natural springs of cool water and emerald green damselflies. The biggest excitement of the day was you thought the middle grandson was lost back at the dining hall and an all out search commenced. With great relief, he was found asleep under a table on top of the chairs. Other notable events were a scorpion in the bug catcher and the youngest granddaughter learning to play the new frisbee game called KanSlam.

This morning you packed up and returned once again for breakfast, church devotion, and goodbyes. Message was “what legacy are you leaving behind?” For your part, you hope that Grandparent Camp memories last a long time. You love your family so much, but once the children are all back with their respective parents, you and Grandpa plan to sleep until 10 a.m. and do only the necessities.

Some Tasks in Life Are Unavoidable

The greatest thing about being a grandparent is that you can spoil the grandkids with your time and attention and sleep for a week once those same grandkids have returned home to their parents. This luxury, however, is not available to home owners. When you own a property, you have to be ready to deal with any kind of emergency or small maintenance issue as it arrives.

Whether it is reviewing the block and tap method for replacing a few floor boards yourself or the decision to hire a contractor to install an entirely new engineered bamboo floor, it is always important to make sure that whoever is working on the floor understands the necessity to ensure a snug fit. And while grandparents who have the grandkids for a week in the summer can bend the rules every now and then, every responsible home owner understands the importance of making sure that home projects are carefully completed.

Bamboo flooring manufacturers offer a number of sustainable products, but it is always important to make sure that whoever is doing the installation understands the importance of the best block and tap method and other important building tricks.

The U.S. flooring industry reported growth of 3.85% in dollars and 3.2% in volume from last year, and it is often the introduction of sustainable products like bamboo that helps feed this growth. If you are a home owner who is looking for ways to invest in your home, the best flooring options are a great start. And if you are a grandparent getting ready to host the grandkids for the summer it is important to realize that your energies will not likely go unnoticed. Building a legacy, whether it is for your family or for your home, requires careful attention to details. Details like the most exact block and tap method when it comes to wood flooring, and lots of attention to butterflies and the great outdoors when you are with the grandkids.

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