A Simple Way to Enhance the Look Your Bathroom with Glass Tile Shower

Glass bath tiles have the power of transforming any plain surface into an impressive masterpiece filled with style and boldness. These tiles have been used for ages to beautify buildings and each day broadens their use as interior designers are becoming creative. There are different ways to incorporate these stunning tiles.

The first glass tiles were introduced in the third century B.C and they were used to decorate walls, ceilings, facades and churches. They were only affordable to wealthy people, unlike today when almost anyone can use them as long as glass tile shower. Today, all types of tiles are affordable; the ceramic tiles are sold from $2.50 up to $3 per square foot and in the past they were too costly for the average person. But why choose the glass tiles? Here are some of their advantages.

Now, although there are popular tile designs for you to pick from, for example, porcelain, slate or ceramic, glass tile shower installations are slowly winning the hearts of homeowners today. The reasons why most people are like them are:

They are beautiful and stylish
The bathroom glass tile installation adds a shiny and luminous style which creates a brighter and spacious. Combined with perfect lighting, they produce one of the most dramatic lighting effects that will make your bath time simply amazing. Your bathroom will look elegant all the time thanks to the tiles; they are full of daintiness that transforms a boring space instantly.

They Offer Flexibility in Design
You can apply glass mosaic tiles in several ways and not just in your bathroom. A good example is in your kitchen backsplash. However, if you decide to go with glass tile shower installations, you will notice that they work pretty well with either stone or metal elements. Here, whichever design you choose is sure to give you a dynamic and intriguing look.

These Shower Tiles Are Highly Durable
Because of their smooth and non-porous nature, glass tile shower installations are quite easy to clean and maintain. They hardly stain, and you can wipe greasy spots or dirt with a wet piece of cloth. The glass material is also resistant to chemicals something which makes the tiles last for a long time.

They Are Environmental Friendly
As compared to other mosaic flooring options, these glass tiles carry properties that make them a top favorite for eco-friendly enthusiasts. For instance, you can install the recycled glass tile bathroom option. Here, broken and discarded glass is used to produce a variety of captivating tile designs.

Although glass shower tiles come with a lot of benefits, they also have their fair share of disadvantages. For one, they usually are more expensive as compared to slate or ceramic tiles. Secondly, they can be quite tricky to install and often require the services of a professional. All in all, they will definitely give your bathroom a clean and heavenly feel.

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