The Benefits of Landscape Architecture Services

Across the United States, people absolutely love renovations and love changing up their home. This is done for two different reasons for the most part. First of all, people renovate their landscaping because ti can help them sell their home with very little effort. Secondly, people will decide to renovate their home just to have a good looking yard! Here are all of the facts on landscape architecture services!

According to a recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 67% of Americans agree that professional landscaping would allow them to have a nicer yard. These people value having a nice yard that they can spend time every single day. Plus, these people even want to get nice additions for their yard.

According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Assoc., patios are among the top three features requested by new homebuyers. There are so many people that want to implement landscaping ideas with landscape architecture services! Therefore, plenty of people are willing to invest their money in some great landscaping services.

Landscape Architecture Services Can Increase A Home’s Value

Landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by 14%. This means that just one simple landscaping investment is great to improve the overall value. Therefore, investing in landscaping renovations is such a smart idea. Anyone that wants to use their land to their benefit should invest in landscape architecture services!

Nearly 90% of real estate agents recommend that homeowners invest in landscaping before putting their home on the market. If real estate agents are saying that this is a smart idea then people should get the most out of their situation. Take some time to invest in landscaping services to get help!

According to the 2016 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, the top three most popular outdoor design elements included fire pits and fireplaces at 74%, lighting at 66% and wireless internet connectivity at 65%. According to the 2016 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, the top three most popular outdoor structures included pergolas at 50%, decks at 47%, and arbors at 44%. Keep in mind that landscape architecture services are incredibly helpful!

People Love Having A Good Looking Yard

The majority of homeowners upgrading their outdoor spaces are addressing their backyard at 64%. These homeowners want to enjoy their yards on a daily basis rather than viewing their yard as a nuisance. Therefore, any homeowner that wants to spruce things up should definitely take time to get the most out of their situation.

Over half of homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours there per week 51%. Relaxing, gardening, and entertaining are the top three uses of the space. Keep this in mind as you move forward with these types of renovations. A great space for these types of activities is a nice deck or a patio. That way, homeowners can surround their new renovation with some great items and outdoor decorations.

Just about 83% of Americans think having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it is important that it is also well-maintained. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your yard is maintained over time. Not only will you want to invest in landscape architecture services you will want to invest in landscaping services in the future. That way, all of your additions look good in the long run!

In Conclusion

Every single year there are homeowners across the United States that decide they want some landscaping renovations. As previously mentioned, there are a few different reasons as to why these landscaping renovations take place. However, this is all secondary to the real benefits that come with investing in the very best landscape architecture services. So take some time investing in some talented landscaping workers that can help change up your lawn today!

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