Do You Have Rats or Mice in Your Home?

Rats and mice have existed alongside humans for as long as civilization has existed. Throughout history, rat populations have been known to cause serious outbreaks of disease, so most people are interested in rodent removal as soon as they know they have unwanted rodents in their property. Here’s what you need to know about rodent control.

Is It a Serious Problem?

In 2017, The New Republic reported that the nation was almost to the point of a, as they called it, “Ratpocalypse.” Rat populations, particularly in Houston, Washington DC, and New York City, have skyrocketed. Rodent removal calls it Chicago have increased by 61% in the last few years. In New York City, wildlife control has been called in 129% more often. In San Francisco, animal and rodent removal calls have gone up by 174%. The National Pest Management Association currently estimates that if the pet control industry was not as effective as it is, pests like rats and mice would regularly destroy half of our food supply.

Why Do Rodents Like My House?

First, like any animal, rodents are in need of safety for building their nests and bearing their young. Our homes and apartment buildings provide safe places for rodents to nest safe from wild animals. Second, all animals need food. The trash and garbage that abound in our cities and urban environments draws rats. The National Pest Management Association estimates that mice and rodents are regularly contaminating as much as 20% of the world’s supply of food.

How Do I Know if I Need Animal Removal?

There are several things you can look for that may indicate you have a problem with rats, mice, or other rodents infesting your home. Here are a few of the most common signs:


If you see rat droppings or mice poop around your house, this is a sure sign you have a problem. The size of the feces in question can indicate the size of the animal in your home, and the number of droppings you see around can tell experienced rodent services how many mice or rats are currently living in your property. You may see these in the backs of kitchen cabinets, under furniture, or behind bookcases. Never touch rat droppings because they can spread disease.

Noises at Night

If you hear scratching noises, hissing, squeaking, or kind of chattering sound, this could be rats or mice. Rats are most active at night, so you are most likely to hear them making noises after dark. As long as you are up and making noise, they may remain fairly quiet; so listen for these sounds not long after you turn in to bed.


Unfortunately, rats have no problem chewing through concrete or wood. This allows them to build a tunnel to any place that they would like to nest. If you see holes in your walls around your property, rats or mice could be to blame. It’s important to take these seriously and get rodent removal services to get rid of your pest problem quickly, because these animals are capable of chewing right through your electrical wires.


It’s possible to see the footprints of rats or mice if you look carefully along the floor or cabinet space with a flashlight held at an angle. If you’re not certain, sprinkle flour or a similar substance along the area and check for a few days for fresh footprints.

I’ve Seen the Signs. What Do I Do?

The last thing you want to do is put down rat poison. The rats and mice will eat it and then go away to die in the walls of your home. You’re not going to enjoy the smell when that happens. You can put down traps that snap closed or that have a sticky surface that can trap the rodent. These may work if you place them carefully and the infestation is small. The best way to make sure that you get rid of rodents is to call rodent removal services.

Rodents like rats and mice present health and safety danger. If you see any of the signs of rodent infestation, call rodent removal right sooner rather than later.

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