6 Smart Ways to Reduce Expensive AC Bills

Air conditioners are certainly popular throughout America. In fact, statistics show that air conditioners are responsible for 6% of all electricity produced in the United States. That being said, using the AC too much often leads to higher energy bills. This leads to many wondering what can be done to reduce air conditioning costs. With that in mind, here are six smart ways to reduce your air conditioning bills this summer.

  1. Have Your Current System Inspected

    Another important step to take is contacting an HVAC service for an inspection. It’s generally recommended that you have these inspections performed every six months to a year, depending on the age of your unit. These inspections help ensure that your HVAC system is working properly. Having these inspections performed also allows heating and air conditioning professionals to find potential problems early. This means not having to pay expensive air conditioning repair bills for big problems in the future.
  2. Consider Replacing Older Air Conditioning Systems

    Statistics show that nearly 20% of homes built during the 1980s utilize heating and cooling equipment that is over 20 years old. Considering that, it might be time to start considering the age of your air conditioning unit. If your air conditioner is nearing the end of its life cycle, it’s time to consider replacing the unit. Don’t worry about the cost of a new unit, you’ll save big from not having to make constant AC repair calls.
  3. Keep Your Windows Covered

    While having the sunlight shine into a room looks great, it can lead to a warmer home. Therefore, it’s important to consider the window coverings you currently have. If your windows look rather bare, consider purchase new blinds, curtains, or drapes. These items are effective for blocking out sunlight that contributes to warm rooms. If you’re already using these items, it might be time to consider replacing your windows. Even small cracks and gaps near a window can bring a lot of warm air into your home.
  4. Turn on Your Ceiling Fan

    It’s understandable to think of ceiling fans and air conditioners as two separate items. However, many people are unaware that ceiling fans actually help to circulate cooler air from your air conditioner. Therefore, ceiling fans and air conditioners both disperse cool air around your home. If you have both of these items operating in the same room, you’ll notice cooler temperatures.
  5. Purchase a Smart Thermostat

    If you’re wanting to lower your heating and air conditioning bills, consider buying a smart thermostat. Statistics show that nearly 87% of all homes throughout the United States utilize air conditioning. Many of these homeowners are beginning to update their homes with the latest gadgets. Smart thermostats can easily be adjusted while you’re not a home. If you have some type of mobile device, you’ll have no trouble with smart thermostats. Being able to set the temperature while you’re away ensures no conditioned air is wasted.
  6. Have a Few Trees Planted

    Homeowners wanting to cool and beautify their respective properties often plant trees. While this might sound strange, trees around your home help keep it cool. Understandably, it’s going to take time for an entire tree to grow. However, you can also consider ordering trees further in the growth process to place in your yard. As these trees continue to grow, you’ll likely notice that your home easily stays cool.

In closing, there are many potential ways to lower your air conditioning bills. A few of these tips require the help of a professional. Heating and air conditioning systems utilize electricity. Therefore, homeowners can risk injuring themselves by incorrectly working on this type of equipment. Instead, you’ll want to contact a heating and air conditioning company. In turn, you’ll have your air conditioning unit inspected by someone else. This allows you to focus on other matters while soon being able to enjoy an efficiently cooled home.

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