Why Sundance Hot Tubs Are Literally the Coolest Thing Ever

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In all seriousness, hot tubs are literally the coolest thing ever. Period. And whether you prefer soaking solo or with company, hot tubs and spas provide a number of amazing health and wellness benefits.

This is highlighted by the fact that bathing or soaking in hot water has been considered both a luxury and a form of healing for thousands of years, even in the animal kingdom! For example, bathing in hot water is also a key way of life for the Japanese macaque or snow monkey who are often found bathing in natural mountain hot springs during. Perhaps they took a cue from the popularity of ancient Japanese bathhouses in classic case of monkey see, monkey do!

In ancient Rome the use of public and private baths were seen as a way of life enjoyed by both the upper and working class. In addition to Rome, there are several other examples of bathing for pleasure and for medicinal purposes throughout the ancient world. In many of these civilizations, bathing in hot sea, spring, or mineral water was thought to be especially healing and revitalizing.

Fast forward to today, and soaking in hot water ? whether you’re man or animal ? feels just as good now as it does then while providing a number of wellness benefits. Here are just a few of the hotter than hot benefits of Sundance hot tubs.

Sleepy does it

If you’re still counting sheep to fall and stay asleep, then it’s time to consider Sundance hot tubs. Ever notice how fast babies fall asleep after a nice, hot bath? Well, even grumpy grown ups can experience this same bliss after taking a late night dip in Sundance hot tubs. In fact almost half ? 45% ? hot tub owners prefer to soak right before bed time. A hot water soak is an excellent natural alternative for those who want to avoid the side effects of sleep medication.

Pain who?>

Hot water can soothe body aches while alleviating the pain and stiffness associated with sore joints and muscles. The powerful jets of Sundance hot tubs can act as a massage of sorts, relieving tension by applying just the right amount of pressure. In addition, hot water increases circulation which in turn can reduce inflammation. The weightless buoyancy of water also provides much needed relief to stressed joints. It’s no wonder that hydrotherapy is often incorporated into physical or occupational therapy exercise!

Less of a hot mess

If anxiety and stress has been causing you to feel like a hot mess, then a hot tub soak will you some good. Hot water is the perfect way to naturally reduce stress and anxiety physically, mentally, and emotionally. Nearly 84% of hot tub owners bought their hot tubs with the primary intention of using it to relax and relieve stress. Including a hot tub soak in your self care routine can make a huge difference in your overall physical and mental health!

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