Did You Know Over 75% Of No-Heat Calls During Winter Are Because Of A Lack Of Maintenance?

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When the seasons change, so too do your monthly heating and cooling habits. Families across the country are figuring out how to budget for the fall and winter season by altering their day-to-day necessities and shuffling through their energy bills. Using blankets instead of turning on the thermometer, wearing a pair of woolly socks during the dead of night…all of these little efforts help immensely in saving money. But when you do decide to turn on your furnace or heater, you want to make sure it still fits neatly into your personal energy-saving program.

HVAC repair and furnace installation will ensure that, no matter what you do, you can find a happy balance between staying comfortable and saving cash.

Did You Know?

Just about everyone is familiar with heating and cooling. It’s a necessary part of everyday life as we balance out the extreme seasons with common sense and modern technology. That doesn’t mean everyone knows how to save money, though. Two-thirds of all American homes have central air conditioning in place. While you would expect that to translate to homeowners being privy to taking care of their systems, some HVAC experts have recently claimed up to 75% of their no-heat calls in the middle of the winter season are due to a lack of maintenance.

Taking Care Of Your Furnace

Heating and cooling takes on different forms. Some prefer the warm crackle of a fireplace or the reliable heat provided by a top notch furnace. The average lifespan of most furnaces is 20 years or so, which means you should double-check the wear and tear of your model to see if you could use a repair job when winter comes. Remember to choose a reliable company! Improper equipment installation has been found to decrease your home’s heating and cooling efficiency by 30% or more.

Taking Care Of Your Air Conditioning

For those of you who have an HVAC system, you’ll want to go through the checklist to make sure it’s up to snuff once the snow starts to fall. Duct leakage has been found to sap 20% (and up to 40%) of the energy of even the very best air conditioners. Studies provided by Energystar.gov saw most HVAC system filters needing to be changed every one to three months, as well. These little efforts will ensure your heating and cooling system isn’t chugging unnecessarily when it should be providing your family comfort.

Taking Care Of Your Water Expenses

Do you worry about your water bill as well as your heating and cooling costs? When winter comes you’ll want to cover all of your bases so you can enjoy your free time without worry. When you hear your faucet leaking or suspect you need a patch job in your roof, contact a plumbing service as soon as possible. Fixing easily corrected household leaks can save you up to 10% on your water bill. Studies have shown 10% of homes (and sometimes more) have leaks that waste up to 90 gallons of water daily.

Saving Energy In Big And Little Ways

Keeping your wallet in the green this winter season doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. There are small and large ways you can nip away at wasteful habits and put money back into your hands by the time the warmer months roll around once more. Buy a programmable thermostat to gauge your home’s temperature every time you go out. This will keep you from wasting heat and save you a noticeable chunk on your monthly bill. Calling for air conditioner installation or furnace maintenance will also pinpoint any problems that could be brewing under your nose.

Change your heating and cooling habits this year by picking up some new tricks. You’ll have the best winter yet.

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