Why septic tank treatment is important?

A household septic tank is an underground watertight container where household wastewater is treated through biological decomposition. The tank can be of fiberglass, concrete, or polyethylene.

All About Septic Systems:
Septic systems are more common in rural areas. The septic system consists of a
– Septic tank
– Drainage system

The septic tanks collect waste from the sewer line of the house. The solid material settles at the bottom as sludge. The middle layer consists of wastewater. The top layer consists of scum such as grease and suds.

The drainage system has a series of perforated pipes from which the wastewater flows out into a drain field. The tank is designed to prevent sludge and scum from leaking out into the drain field.

Ecological septic tanks have anaerobic and aerobic treatment in different places.

Septic pumping is the periodic removal of sludge, otherwise it can block the outlet pipe from which the wastewater drains out. The frequency depends on the size of the household and the tank, and the volume of solid and wastewater generated.

To estimate how much is a septic holding tank depends on the type and size. Shop around for prices before choosing one that suits your needs.

Why septic tank treatment is important? Because there can be serious ramifications if your septic tank is not pumped regularly. This is also an important topic because many are not aware of this. It’s highly doubtful that homeowners have jarring concerns about their septic system. However, having a clogged issue in your septic system isn’t something that a homeowner would want, because it can lead to serious problems such as not being able to use your toilet, sink or tub. No water will be able to go through the pipes because of all of the debris. Depending on how much debris clogged within the pipes, they may burst. In addition, the blockage can also lead to a horrible smell in the house. Septic cleaning from a septic tank service will cost a fortune. So here are some reasons you need to have your septic system pumped regularly.


A clogged drain or sink is usually inventible. As long as you live in your home, you are subject to experience some clogging issues, especially if it’s more than one person residing in the home. Due to the number of people in the home, you may have more sink problems than usual. Washing dishes alone can clog the sink, as a result of residue on the plate. There is no need to call a septic tank service for something in regards to your sink being clogged, however. A plunger or buying drainage fluid for a local department store will resolve that issue, fairly quickly. It’s probably preferred that you thoroughly clean your dishes before you put them in the sink, to avoid the sink getting clogged. That way you won’t waste time unclogging it.

They re simple solutions to fixing toilets that does not require the assistance of a plumber. If there is a blockage, usually using a plunger will suffice. Fair warning though, some individuals seem to have unusual toilet issues when they have overnight guests or just plain guest, period. This causes a septic tank risk. The uncommon use of the toilet causes the tank to pump out more water than usual, and it a can lead to blockage. This goes unnoticed by most because some households are not used to getting guest all the time. In addition, no one really pays attention to their septic system.
Garbage Disposals
Moreover, houses in this day in age have garbage disposals, so sinks may rarely have clogging issues to that of a toilet. Despite that these are minor issues, that doesn’t negate the fact that these minor discrepancies could lead to serious damage to your septic system, if not taken care of properly or in a timely matter. For example, a garbage disposal, as resourceful as it is, can increase the amount of solids in a septic tank by 50%. These solids in the septic system will lead to clogging of course, which is why it’s recommended that you get it cleaned by a service tank service.

How often though?
It’s recommended that you call a septic tank service to have the tank pumped (or cleaned) every three to five years. It doesn’t matter how often you unclog the toilet, use the garbage disposal, or unclog the sink, it’s still build up within the septic system. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned out. Matienence is key to everything.

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