Is Your Pet’s Hair and Dander Corroding Your HVAC System? What Pro AC Repair Companies Know

Having a pet in your home requires a lot of care on your part as its owner. Making sure your pet is safe, healthy, and happy is enough responsibility. But, in some cases, your pet’s shedding could affect your air conditioning unit. The only way to ensure this isn’t happening in your home is to seek AC advice. Before you start searching for “AC and heating contractors near me,” consider what kind of professional you’d like to help you address this problem. This article offers pointers to guide your process.

AC repair in the situation where your pet’s fur is concerned is a great way to enhance the health of your household. AC air conditioner repair allows the air filtering through your home to remain clean and cool or warm, based on your preference. AC and heating installation also provide a good way to maintain the comfort of your home. As you navigate the care of your home and your beloved animals, reaching out to the experts allows your journey to progress smoothly. Follow these guidelines to figure out what steps to take if your pet’s shedding ruins the AC.

HVAC is important. Heating and air in Carrollton TX is an essential service you need to have at any time of the year. This is because of the weather changes that can occur and it’s important for your health. If you’re looking for 24-hour heat and air near me, it’s recommended to take time to get the best air conditioning company. They provide expert heating and AC full service with fast response times, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

Heating and air conditioning units are vital pieces of equipment in the Southeast. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to a cold home because your heating and air conditioning unit went out. Thankfully, there are many options available to you for HVAC repairs near me for all makes and models of heating and air systems.

When it comes to AC and heating unit repair, there are several things you can do yourself or hire a professional for. You can check your filter and clean it if needed, clean the coils inside the unit, check your thermostat settings, and more. If you would rather not handle this type of project on your own, then contact an HVAC company near me that offers AC heating maintenance service 24 hours, seven days a week.

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While there are close to 200 million dogs and cats living in homes across the United States, homeowners may not realize that their furry pals’ fur and dander can work to clog HVAC filters, destroying their systems’ efficiency and effectiveness. Homeowners with more than three pets may want to have their air conditioning systems checked more frequently, but most local air conditioning maintenance and repair contractors recommend twice-yearly checks as a routine precaution.

Homeowners are encouraged to visually inspect their HVAC units during the course of the year and to notify their HVAC company if there is any water leakage or extreme dirt buildup on the condenser coils. Also, homeowners can learn to change their HVAC air filters, a routine maintenance task that removes built-up pet dander and hair on the inside of the system. Basically, pet hair gets circulated throughout any HVAC system and builds up on the surface of internal filters. Pet dander from indoor pets, however, poses a much larger problem for homeowners with allergies.

Removal of pet dander has to become top priority for American homeowners, and air conditioning maintenance contractors know that even pet owners who brush their pets’ fur regularly can face dander buildup inside their homes’ ductwork. Dander is not the same as a pet’s fur, but rather small flakes of skin that cause allergic responses in millions of Americans during every month of the year. Dander, not pet hair, is actually what provokes the allergic response, and taking the time to replace HVAC filters can work to remove built-up dander that is being circulated and re-circulated throughout the home.

In addition to external visual inspections of their HVAC units and regular filter replacement, homeowners can set their air conditioning systems just two or three degrees higher during the summer. Air conditioning maintenance experts advise that running a home’s air conditioning at slightly higher temperatures could extend the life of the HVAC system by years, reducing the need to repair and replace parts that can wear out from heavy long-term use.

What should you expect from an air conditioning maintenance checkup? A professional AC repair service will arrive onsite with a checklist, which should include checking all existing electrical connections, performing diagnostic tests on electric thermostats, and checking for bacterial buildup or corrosion in all drainage pipes. Often, the presence of high levels of humidity in a home’s air can indicate problems with drainage, and although an AC repair company can check for blockage, homeowners should also feel comfortable to report any malfunctions or irregularities to HVAC professionals when they arrive onsite.

Any air conditioning unit will also contain certain chemicals that act as refrigerants, such as freon, and part of any routine air conditioning maintenance must be to ensure that the unit has enough refrigerant inside to function properly. Much like a vehicle, an air conditioning unit that has leaky seals and lower levels of freon than it should is going to be much less efficient and much more prone to malfunction due to heavy use. AC repair companies can also remove leaf and yard debris that may have built up around the outside of the unit, along with the occasional bird’s nest that may have been established inside of existing ductwork.

Renewed emphasis on energy-efficient home heating and cooling appliances means that American homeowners have more choices than ever when it comes to HVAC repair and replacement. One of the most important aspects of any home repair is to understand that something as microscopic as pet dander can have an enormous impact on HVAC efficiency over the course of months or years. Replacing filters, performing routine visual inspections, and informing AC repair personnel of any irregularities in your HVAC system’s performance should allow them to complete maintenance tasks before they develop into more lasting, system-wide repair issues. In general, completing home repairs in advance of breakdowns and malfunctions should remain every homeowner’s top priority.

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