Five Tips To Keep Down Air Conditioning Costs

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Air conditioning accounts for roughly 5% of all electricity use in the United States, with a price tag of approximately $11 billion. That figure does not include the even more costly bill for AC repair or replacement. The five tips for keeping your air conditioner running efficiently will help to keep down the monthly bill and also avoid the expensive HVAC system replacement or repair.

  1. Before The Hot Season: Always call an AC specialist to inspect your unit each year before it heats up. They will clean it and tune it, ensuring that there are no problems. If they find any issues, better to fix them before they get worse due to heavy use.
  2. Check Your Filters: Many people forget this simple task, and that is a lapse that can have dire effects. Filters should be checked every month, and replaced immediately when necessary. Performing this task faithfully is one of the best ways to keep costs down, and is vital for long-term AC maintenance.
  3. Be Kind To Your Thermostat: Make sure there are no heat sources near your thermostat. A lamp left on near a thermostat will cause the air around it to heat up. The thermostat will then sense that heat, which makes it keep the system running longer than is necessary, draining your wallet in the process.
  4. When You Leave:: If you are going to be out of the house for more than eight hours, consider raising the temperature in the house by 10 degrees. This has the potential to decrease your bill by up to 15% and helps prevent the need for AC repair by not forcing your air conditioning unit to work hard when it is not necessary.
  5. Consider Each Degree: Keep in mind that 78 degrees is the magic number in most households, the ideal temperature for comfort. However, if your bill places too much drain on your financial situation, consider how many degrees up you can tolerate, for each one will reduce your bill by eight dollars.

Coming home to a cool house in summer makes those hot months much more tolerable. By following these tips, having that cool house will be much more cost effective, both on your monthly bill and by preventing a need for repair.
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