3 Tips for Getting More Money When You Sell Your Home

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We all want to know a broker?s top secrets for getting houses sold at a good price. After all, your home has been your investment — likely for a number of years. You might be sad to see it go, but when it does, you want it sold to the highest potential bidder! For that reason, we?ve assembled a list of top ways to boost your home’s value. In many cases, it will take a bit of cash now to get a lot of cash — and a quick sell — when your home goes to market, so keep that in mind. Here?s our list of “broker secrets” you may want to keep in mind!

1. Open Up Space

Right now, open floor plans are in — having room closed off from room is not popular, even if it can be nice for noise reduction. For some home owners willing to really invest in transforming their home, that can mean knocking down an unnecessary wall between the kitchen and the living room. For others, though, it can simply mean re-organizing the way their home looks and feels to walk though. A kitchen island can go either way — if cabinet space is needed, great. But if ample cabinet and surfaces already exist, it may pay to haul it away.

2. Get Out Your Sheers

…Because it’s time to prune: and we don?t mean juice. The statistics on good landscaping and the difference it can make in a home sale are staggering. A survey of 2,000 brokers by HomeGain found that $400 spent on landscaping can bring in up to four times that value when it comes to home selling prices. An overgrown yard not only represents an unwanted investment to future home owners, it also reduces the impact of the first impression as they walk up to your home. No one gets truly wowed by scraggly bushes.

3. Don?t Leave Your 20 Year Old Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units last from 10 to 15 years, and no one’s going to want your old unit from the 80s. If a home buyer realizes they’ll need to contact HVAC services within the next couple years to get a new AC, it could impact their decision to buy your home, or what they’re willing to spend. Contact an air conditioning company today to see what your options are. It’s important to note that whether you invest in air conditioning repair or an entirely new unit, consumer focus these days is often on going green (and also reducing energy bills as a result!) so keep that in mind as you weigh your options.

Will you be landscaping, contacting an air conditioning service, or opening up your floorspace anytime soon? Let us know!

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