What Results Will Your Yard See with an Organic Lawncare Service?

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The organic movement — along with the larger effort to go “green” — has taken the U.S. by storm in recent years. Today everything from fruits and vegetables to processed foods and beverages are available in organic forms. Some companies even use things like organic cotton to make clothing and textiles, believing this to create fabric in its purest form. Yet there is one area where Americans may not have caught on to the benefits of organics, and that’s in their lawncare.

Today, Americans spend approximately $700 million on chemical pesticides for their lawns each year. These herbicide- and pesticide-laden lawncare treatments can have a negative impact on soil and even affect groundwater, which provides drinking water for about half of the nation. When these chemicals seep into soil and groundwater, they can kill off the earthworms necessary for proper aeration. Pesticides have also been found in rivers and streams, where they can harm birds, fish, and other animals.

Not to mention, these pesticides are even dangerous when sprayed on directly on the lawn. When pets and children step on the grass after pesticides and fertilizers have been applied, they can track them into the house and even wind up ill from their exposure to the chemicals. Research has actually shown that pesticides can cause death and serious illness in upwards of one million people per year. Damage to the liver, kidneys, and other organs, along with causing reproductive issues and neurotoxicity, are all problems that can stem from exposure to pesticides.

So what solutions can homeowners use to get a green lawn in a “greener” way? Organic lawncare services are one such option that they can use. By choosing an organic lawncare service to provide pesticide free lawncare, homeowners can take advantage of all-natural methods to see healthier lawns. These techniques include:

  • Grass-cycling, a natural fertilization technique that leaves the grass clippings on the lawn after mowing,
  • Composting, also called compost tea, which combines natural materials and leftover organic matter from your yard or kitchen in order to nourish the soil,
  • and Other Natural Solutions, such as introducing good bugs and plants into your yard to stop the bad ones.

Have more questions about organic lawncare services and the organic lawncare treatments they use? Be sure to find one of these companies in your area. If you have more questions about going green at home, or if you’d like to share your own advice, then leave a comment below.

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