The 3 Best Additions You Can Make To Your Kitchen

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So you?ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Though initially a daunting task, you?ll find that remodeling your kitchen is a wise choice ? not just for the present, but for the future. Though you may choose to stay in the same home for the rest of your life, it?s quite possible that you may end up moving. In that case, even a minor kitchen remodel ? provided a makeover of kitchen cabinets is included ? can average a return investment of 72.8%. In that case, when considering the things you want done to your kitchen, you might want to think about what is pleasing not only to your eye, but those of others, giving the best results both personally and financially.

1. A Cabinet Makeover

Each year, the U.S. cabinet and vanity industry generates an estimated $20 billion. It?s no wonder why ? cabinets in particular are valued by men and women alike, ranging from convenient to cosmetic in nature. Custom cabinetry is growing in popularity, and are very ?doable?, as far as remodeling goes. Custom wood cabinets cost much less than you might initially think, but they?ll look expensive when you?re finished having them installed! Another thing you might want to think about when considering the kinds of cabinets you have installed is asking about those that incorporate appliances. In fact, 16% of respondents in a 2013 Houzz survey indicated that they would rather their cabinets incorporate appliances. It?s the ultimate convenience.

2. Hanging Wine Racks

A hanging wine rack may not be the first product you?d think to have installed in your kitchen, but it?s a great one. The appeal of the hanging wine rack is immediately seen upon entering any kitchen in which one resides. It?s an appealing feature, with an old warm charm and a practical, organizational usage. They?re easy to install and quite affordable. With a hanging wine rack, you can arrange your wines in whatever way you wish: by type, label, or even color. No matter what way you choose, it?s guaranteed to look great. Just like cabinets, custom wine racks are also available.

3. A Kitchen Island

Remodeling a kitchen involves making a lot of plans. What 61% of people include in their plans is a kitchen island. Why? A kitchen island is a great feature, centering a kitchen. But even more than that, they enhance a kitchen?s convenience. People can talk and drink around a kitchen island, but their purpose isn?t merely social. You can also do a lot of cooking preparation at a kitchen island, which is why they appeal to so many people! It?s true that a kitchen island is a big change to most kitchens, but that change is almost always for the better.

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